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Right Hand Decimal Point 1. Overflow Character • Categorized for Luminous Intensity Yellow and Green Categorized for Color Use of Like Categories Yields a Uniform Display • High Light Output • High Peak Current • Excellent for Long Digit String Multiplexing • Intensity and Color Selection Available See Intensity and Color Selected Displays Data Sheet • Sunlight Viewable AlGaAs


  Data Bus, active High. In word mode, these pins provide a 16-bit data path Inputs/Outputs for read and write operations. In byte mode, DQ[7:0] provide an 8-bit data path   Tri-stateand DQ15/A-1 is used as the LSB of the 20-bit byte address input. DQ[14:8]   are unused and remain tri-stated in byte mode.


Absolute maximum continuos ratings are those maximum values beyond which damage to the device may occur. Exposure to these conditions or conditions beyond those indicated may adversely affect device reliability. Functional operation at absolute-maximum-rated conditions is not implied.


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  • 0.00150V0805
  • 4000/REEL
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  • 2017-10-17

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