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Vendor: COS
Package Cooled: DO-35
D/C: 07+


Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus is not busy. During data transfer, the data line must remain stable whenever the clock line is high. Changes in data line while the clock line is high will be interpreted as a START or STOP condition.


See Distribution of Differential Output Offset (Worst-Case Conditions) in the Typical Operating Characteristics. Characterized with a 675Mbps 1-0 pattern. Measurements are taken over an input signal range of 16dB. Deterministic jitter is defined as the arithmetic sum of PWD (pulse-width distortion) and PDJ (pattern-dependent jitter). Deterministic jitter is the difference of total jitter and random jitter, with system jitter calibrated out. It is measured with a 27 - 1PRBS, and 80CIDs with DC-coupled outputs. Typical input resistance of SC pin is 40kΩ. AGC loop time constant is measured with a 20dB change in the input and VSC held constant. With an external capacitor CCG of 0.022µF connected between CG+ and CG-, a typical AGC loop time constant of 760µs is achieved. SD deassert time depends on the AGC loop time constant set by CCG. SD accuracy is defined as the part-to-part variation of the SD threshold at a fixed RTH value. See Distribution of SD Hysteresis (Worst-Case Conditions) in the Typical Operating Characteristics. Measurements are taken over an input signal range of 20dB.


The 0.5W6.2V is a low cost, high quality, 16-bit succes- sive approximation analog-to-digital converter. It uses laser-trimmed ICs and is packaged in a convenient 32-pin hermetic ceramic dual-in-line package. The converter is complete with internal reference, clock, comparator, and thin-film scaling resistors, which allow selection of analog input ranges of 2.5V, 5V, 10V, 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V and 0 to +20V.


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  • 0.5W6.2V
  • 13907
  • new and original,Leaded parts
  • COS
  • DO-35
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5W6.2V
  • 100
  • 原装库存,欢迎求购!
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5W6.2V
  • 39
  • new &original0
  • COS
  • DO-35
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.51R
  • 5000
  • 国巨
  • 05+
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5-3
  • 1,000
  • JST
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5-4
  • 40
  • JST
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5A
  • 全新原装现货
  • 5800
  • 0805+
  • 2017-10-18

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