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D/C: 05+


The ADSP-21365/6s, SRAM can be configured as a maximum of 96K words of 32-bit data, 192K words of 16-bit data, 64K words of 48-bit instructions (or 40-bit data), or combinations of different word sizes up to three megabits. All of the memory can be accessed as 16-bit, 32-bit, 48-bit, or 64-bit words. A 16-bit floating-point storage format is supported that effectively dou- bles the amount of data that may be stored on-chip. Conversion between the 32-bit floating-point and 16-bit floating-point for- mats is performed in a single instruction. While each memory block can store combinations of code and data, accesses are most efficient when one block stores data using the DM bus for transfers, and the other block stores instructions and data using the PM bus for transfers.


100KEP circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the above table after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit is in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and traverse airflow greater than 500lfpm is maintained. Input and output parameters are at VCC = 3.3V. They vary 1:1 with VCC.


  0.5W82KC-82AB 0.5W82KA11ANB-CUA-T2 0.5W82KA12ANB-CUB-T2 0.5W82KA13ANB-CUC-T2 0.5W82KA14ANB-CUD-T2 0.5W82KA15ANB-CUE-T2 0.5W82KA16ANB-CUF-T2 0.5W82KA17ANB-CUG-T2 0.5W82KA18ANB-CUH-T2 0.5W82KA19ANB-CUI-T2 0.5W82KA20ANB-CUJ-T2 0.5W82KA21ANB-CUK-T2 0.5W82KA22ANB-CUL-T2 0.5W82KA23ANB-CUM-T2 0.5W82KA24ANB-CUN-T2 0.5W82KA25ANB-CUO-T2 0.5W82KA26ANB-CUP-T2 0.5W82KA27ANB-CUQ-T2 0.5W82KA28ANB-CUR-T2 0.5W82KA29ANB-CU0.5W82K-T2 0.5W82KA30ANB-CUT-T2 0.5W82KA31ANB-CUU-T2 0.5W82KA32ANB-CUV-T2 0.5W82KA33ANB-CUW-T2 0.5W82KA34ANB-CUX-T2 0.5W82KA35ANB-CUY-T2 0.5W82KA36ANB-CUZ-T2 0.5W82KA37ANB-CVA-T2 0.5W82KA38ANB-CVB-T2 0.5W82KA39ANB-CVC-T2 0.5W82KA40ANB-CVD-T2 0.5W82KA41ANB-CVE-T2 0.5W82KA42ANB-CVF-T2 0.5W82KA43ANB-CVG-T2 0.5W82KA44ANB-CVH-T2 0.5W82KA45ANB-CVI-T2 0.5W82KA46ANB-CVJ-T2 0.5W82KA47ANB-CVK-T2 0.5W82KA48ANB-CVL-T2 0.5W82KA49ANB-CVM-T2 0.5W82KA50ANB-CVN-T2 0.5W82KA51ANB-CVO-T2 0.5W82KA52ANB-CVP-T2 0.5W82KA53ANB-CVQ-T2 0.5W82KA54ANB-CVR-T2 0.5W82KA55ANB-CV0.5W82K-T2 0.5W82KA56ANB-CVT-T2 0.5W82KA57ANB-CVU-T2 0.5W82KA58ANB-CVV-T2 0.5W82KA59ANB-CVW-T2 0.5W82KA60ANB-CVX-T2


  • Part Name
  • Q'ty
  • Description
  • Vendor
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  • Quotation
  • 0.51R
  • 5000
  • 国巨
  • 05+
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5-3
  • 1,000
  • JST
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5-4
  • 40
  • JST
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5A
  • 全新原装现货
  • 5800
  • 0805+
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.5W10V
  • 20300
  • new and original,Leaded parts
  • COS
  • DO-35
  • 2017-10-18

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