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Vendor: MFG
Package Cooled: 4X4-2.5P
D/C: 05+


The direction of counting is set by the watchdog or VCC over- and undervoltage detec- tion. If the VCC monitoring detects an undervoltage condition, the failure signal VCCL (VCC low voltage) is set and starts the up counter. If the VCC monitoring detects an overvoltage condition, the failure signal VCCH (VCC high voltage) is set and starts the up counter.


Internal to the GS4882 and GS4982 is a robust video signal detection circuit. This circuit provides a reliable control signal that will enable the sync separator outputs only when a valid video signal is present. When the input signal is not valid, the outputs are muted and stay in a logic high state.


The 0.6-2.5PF is designed to operate with a V CC range of 2.7 to 3.6 Volts D.C. This allows operation in both 3 Volt 10% (battery operated) and 3.3 Volt 10% (power supply operated) systems. The propagation delay t PD is 5 ns slower at the lower voltage, but this is typically not an issue in battery-operated systems (see - A.C. Electrical CharacteristicsTable 1 - Absolute Maximum Ratings- A.C. Electrical Characteristics).


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  • 0.66
  • 9985
  • E-mail to me.IN STCOK
  • PQFP44
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.68UF35V
  • 灰色
  • 自己原装现货.可长期供货
  • 86
  • 2017-10-18
  • 0.68UF35V
  • 红色
  • 自己原装现货.可长期供货
  • 82
  • 2017-10-18

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