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Vendor: APT
Package Cooled: 03+
D/C: 18


To make Flash memories interchangeable and to encourage adoption of new Flash technologies, major Flash memory suppliers developed a flex- ible method of identifying Flash memory sizes and configurations in which all necessary Flash device parameters are stored directly on the device. Parameters stored include memory size, byte/word configuration, sector configuration, necessary volt- ages and timing information. This allows one set of software drivers to identify and use a variety of different, current and future Flash products. The standard which details the software interface nec- essary to access the device to identify it and to determine its characteristics is the Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) Specification. The HY29DL16x is fully compliant with this specification.


The 000-1900-007 Schottky rectifier has been expressly designed to meet the rigorous requirements of hi-rel environments. It is packaged in the hermeticly isolated TO-254AA package. The device's forward voltage drop and reverse leakage current are optimized for the lowest power loss and the highest circuit efficiency for typical high frequency switching power supplies and resonent power converters. Full MIL-PRF-19500 quality conformance testing is available on source control drawings to TX, TXV and S quality levels.


  Address, active High. In Word mode, these 18 inputs select one of 262,144    (256K) words within the array for read or write operations. In Byte mode, these   Inputs   inputs are combined with the DQ15/A-1 input (LSB) to select one of 524,288   (512K) bytes within the array for read or write operations.   Data Bus, active High. In Word mode, these pins provide a 16-bit data path Inputs/Outputs for read and write operations. In Byte mode, DQ[7:0] provide an 8-bit data path   Tri-stateand DQ[15]/A[-1] is used as the LSB of the 19-bit byte address input. DQ[14:8]   are unused and remain tri-stated in Byte mode.   Byte Mode, active Low. Controls the Byte/Word configuration of the device.   Input   Low selects Byte mode, High selects Word mode.    Chip Enable, active Low. This input must be asserted to read data from or   Inputwrite data to the 000-1900-007. When High, the data bus is tri-stated and the   device is placed in the Standby mode.   Output Enable, active Low . This input must be asserted for read operations   and negated for write operations. BYTE# determines whether a byte or a word   Input   is read during the read operation. When High, data outputs from the device are    disabled and the data bus pins are placed in the high impedance state.   W r ite E n a b le , a c tiv e L o w. C o ntro ls wri ti ng o f c o mma nd s o r c o mma nd   sequences in order to program data or erase sectors of the memory array. A   Inputwrite operation takes place when WE# is asserted while CE# is Low and OE#   is High. BYTE# determines whether a byte or a word is written during the write   operation.   Hardw are Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware method of resetting the   000-1900-007 to the read array state. When the device is reset, it immediately   Inputterminates any operation in progress. The data bus is tri-stated and all read/write   commands are ignored while the input is asserted. While RESET# is asserted,   the device will be in the Standby mode.   R e a d y /B u s y S ta tu s . Ind i c a te s whe the r a wri te o r e ra s e c o mma nd i s i n    progress or has been completed. RY/BY# is valid after the rising edge of the   Output   final WE# pulse of a command sequence. It remains Low while the device is   Open Drain   actively programming data or erasing, and goes High when it is ready to read   array data.   5-volt (nominal) pow er supply.--


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  • 2017-10-19

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