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D/C: 06+


RAMP: A resistor (R4) from RAMP to the input voltage and a capacitor (CR) from RAMP to GND programs the feedforward ramp signal. RAMP is discharged to GND when CLK is high and allowed to charge when CLK is low. RAMP is the line feedforward sawtooth signal for the PWM comparator. Assuming the input voltage is much greater than 3.3V, the ramp is very linear. A flux comparator compares the ramp signal to 3.3V to limit the maximum allowable volt-second product:


3: Regulation is measured at a constant junction temperature using low duty cycle pulse testing. Load regulation is tested   over a load range from 0.1 mA to the maximum specified output current. Changes in output voltage due to heating   effects are covered by the thermal regulation specification. 4: Dropout voltage is defined as the input to output differential at which the output voltage drops 2% below its nominal value   measured at a 1V differential. 5: Thermal Regulation is defined as the change in output voltage at a time t after a change in power dissipation is applied,   excluding load or line regulation effects. Specifications are for a current pulse equal to ILMAX at VIN = 6V for t = 10 msec. 6: The maximum allowable power dissipation is a function of ambient temperature, the maximum allowable junction tem-   perature and the thermal resistance from junction-to-air (i.e. TA, TJ, JA). Exceeding the maximum allowable power dissi-   pation causes the device to initiate thermal shutdown. Please see Section 4.0, Thermal Considerations, of this data   sheet for more details. 7: The minimum VIN has to meet two conditions: VIN 2.7V and V IN (VR + VDROPOUT). 8: The junction temperature of the device is approximated by soaking the device under test at an ambient temperature   equal to the desired junction temperature. The test time is small enough such that the rise in the junction temperature   over the ambient temperature is not significant.


CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic charges as high as 4000 V readily accumulate on the human body and test equipment and can discharge without detection. Although the 000-7044-37R features proprietary ESD protection circuitry, permanent damage may occur on devices subjected to high-energy electrostatic discharges. Therefore, proper ESD precautions are recommended to avoid performance degradation or loss of functionality.


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  • 2017-10-18

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