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Vendor: IBM
Package Cooled: PQFP100


• Tri-State-Receiver Output, Weak Pull-up when in Shutdown Mode • High Efficiency Emitter • Baby Face (Universal) Package Capable of Surface Mount Soldering to Side and Top View Orientation • Eye safety class 1 (IEC60825-1, ed. 2001), limited LED on-time, LED current is controlled, no single fault to be considered • Built - In EMI Protection including GSM bands. EMI Immunity in GSM Bands > 300 V/m verified No External Shielding Necessary • Few External Components Required • Pin to Pin Compatible to Legacy Vishay Semicon- ductor SIR and FIR Infrared Transceivers • Split power supply, transmitter and receiver can be operated from two power supplies with relaxed requirements saving costs, US Patent No. 6,157,476 • Compliant with IrDA EMI and Background Light Specification


INPUT LO: Direct output mode where CE/LD, HBEN, MBEN and LBEN act as inputs directly controlling byte outputs. If pulsed HI causes immediate entry into handshake mode (see Figure 13). If HI, enables CE/LD, HBEN, MBEN and LBEN as outputs. Handshake mode will be entered and data output as in Figures 11 and 12 at conversion completion.


The target MCU for the temperature display module is the MC68HC908EY16. As this MCU was not available at the time of writing, this application note employs an MC68HC908AZ60A. Implementation on an MC68HC908EY16 would significantly reduce the cost. Not only is the MC68HC908EY16 a lower pin-count lower cost device but it will include an on-chip Internal Clock Generator (ICG) obviating the need for a crystal or ceramic resonator.


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  • 0000006K9223
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  • IBM
  • 02+
  • 2017-10-18

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