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Vendor: 60
Package Cooled: NSC
D/C: 00+


Features • Hole-less TO-247 package for clip mounting • High frequency IGBT and anti-parallel FRED in one package • Low VCE(sat) - for minimum on-state conduction losses • MOS Gate turn-on - drive simplicity • Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED) - soft recovery with low IRM


Both parts operate from a single +3.3V supply and con- sume 93mW. The 0000915.576./0000915.576. are in a compact 30-mil x 50-mil die and require no external compensa- tion capacitor. A space-saving filter connection is pro- vided for positive bias to the photodiode through an on-chip 580Ω resistor to V CC. These features allow easy assembly into a low-cost TO-46 or TO-56 header with a photodiode. The 0000915.576. and MAX3748A receiver chip set pro- vides an RSSI output using a Maxim-proprietary* inter- face technique. The 0000915.576. preamplifier, MAX3748A postamplifier, and the DS1858/DS1859 SFP controller meet all the SFF-8472 digital diagnostic requirements.


The EEPROM of the 0000915.576. contains 256 bytes. Bytes 00h to F7h are general-purpose user memory. The next three bytes, F8h, F9h, and FAh, contain the wiper settings for each of the potentiometers (see Table 1). The last five bytes, FBh to FFh, are reserved and should not be used.


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  • 0000006K9223
  • 800
  • 绝对有货,欢迎查询
  • IBM
  • 02+
  • 2017-10-17

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