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Vendor: AMTJ
Package Cooled: SOP8M
D/C: 2007+


WRITE Write operations are initiated by taking CS LOW and clocking in a start bit followed by the write command and the address of the data register to be written. This action is followed by the host clocking eight bits of data into the register, MSB first. The output of the selected DAC will change as the last bit is clocked into the device. At this point the clock counter will reset the command register, requiring a full sequence to be initiated in order to write to the DAC again. NOTE: This write operation does not affect the contents of the nonvolatile register. Therefore, the nonvolatile register can contain the power-on default settings (e.g. volume), and the write DAC command can be used to make situational adjustments. Refer to Figure 2 for an illustration of the sequence of bus conditions for a write operation.


This device uses a two-step flash architecture to maintain low power consumption at high conversion rates. The input circuitry of the XRD8785 includes an on-chip S/H function which allows the user to digitize analog input signals between AGND and AVDD. Careful design and chip layout have achieved a low analog input capacitance. This reduces kickback and eases the requirements of the buffer/amplifier used to drive the XRD8785. The designer can choose the internally generated reference voltages by connecting VRB to


  Operating voltage range: 4.5V to 5.5V   CMOS technology for low power consumption   6502 8-bit CMOS CPU core   8 MHz operation frequency   32K bytes of OTP (one time programming) ROM   512 bytes of RAM   One 8-bit base timer   13 channels of 8-bit PWM outputs with 5V open drain   4 channel A/D converters with 6-bit resolution   25 bi-directional I/O port pins (8 dedicated I/O pins)   Hsync/vsync signals processor for separate &   composite signal, including hardware sync signals   polarity detection and freq. counters with 2 sets of   Hsync counting interval n Hsync/Vsync polarity controlled output, 5 selectable   free run output signals and self-test patterns, auto-   mute function, half freq. I/O function n Two built-in I2C bus interfaces support VESA   DDC1/2B+


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  • 0002/
  • 9985
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  • AMTJ
  • SOP8M
  • 2017-10-19
  • 0000006K9223
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  • IBM
  • 02+
  • 2017-10-19

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