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Vendor: BB
Package Cooled: N/A


RAB = 5 kΩ, Code = 0x20 RAB = 10 kΩ, Code = 0x20 RAB = 50 kΩ, Code = 0x20 RAB = 100 kΩ, Code = 0x20 VA =1 V rms, RAB = 10 kΩ, VB = 0 V DC, f = 1 kHz VA= 5 V 1 LSB error band, VB = 0, measured at VW VA = 5 V 1 LSB error band, VB = 0, measured at VW VA = 5 V 1 LSB error band, VB = 0, measured at VW RAB = 5 kΩ, f = 1 kHz, Code = 0x20 RAB = 10 kΩ, f = 1 kHz, Code = 0x20


The error amplifier compares 1.245V to the selected feedback voltage and amplifies the difference. If the feedback voltage is lower than 1.245V, the pass-tran- sistor gate is pulled lower, allowing more current to pass, and thus increasing the output voltage. If the feedback voltage is higher than 1.245V, the pass-tran- sistor gate is driven higher, allowing less current to


the transmitted frequency to exceed its 0 01% tolerance The frequency marked on the crystal is usually measured with a fixed shunt capacitance (CL) that is specified in the crystals data sheet This capacitance for 20 MHz crystals is typically 20 pF The capacitance between the X1 and X2 pins of the SNI of the PC board traces and the plated through holes plus any stray capacitance such as the sock- et capacitance if one is used should be estimated or mea- sured Once the total sum of these capacitances is deter- mined the value of additional external shunt capacitance required can be calculated This capacitor can be a fixed 5% tolerance component The frequency accuracy should be measured during the design phase at the transmit clock pin (TXC) for a given pc layout Figure 2 shows the crystal connection


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