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Vendor: NEC
Package Cooled: QFP
D/C: 1996


The UC382 allows for Kelvin sensing the voltage at the load. This improves regulation performance and eliminates the voltage drops due to wire-trace resistance. This voltage drop must be added to the headroom (VIN to VOUT and VB to VOUT). The dropout of 450 mV is measured at the pins and does not include additional drops due to trace resistance. The minimum load current is 10 mA.


  C 15 ns (Preview) for 3.3V biased only (UPD65612GA-Y44-9EU)   C 17 ns and 20 ns for 5V Tolerant (UPD65612GA-Y44-9EUT) Very Low Power Consumption   C Active: 810 mW (Max) @ 15 ns   C Standby: 215 µW (Typ) Wide Temperature Range: -55 to +125C 500 Mils Width Package TTL-Compatible Inputs and Outputs Asynchronous Designed on 0.25 Micron Process No Single Event Latch Up below LET Threshold of 80 MeV/mg/cm 2 Tested up to a Total Dose of 300 krads (Si) according to MIL-STD-883 Method 1019 500 Mils Wide FP36 Package ESD Better than 4000V


The CY7C235A replaces bipolar devices pin for pin and offers the advantages of lower power, superior performance, and high programming yield. The EPROM cell requires only 12.5V for the supervoltage, and low current requirements allow for gang programming. The EPROM cells allow for each memory location to be tested 100%, as each location is written into, erased, and repeatedly exercised prior to encapsulation. Each PROM is also tested for AC performance to guarantee that the product will meet AC specification limits after customer programming.


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  • UPD005B406
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  • NEC
  • 2017-10-17
  • UPD02415400
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  • NEC
  • TQFP-64P
  • 2017-10-17
  • UPD0245400
  • 270
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  • NEC
  • 2017-10-17

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