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10020EV8 datasheet

The 10H20EV8/10020EV8 is an ultra high-speed universal ECL PAL? device. Combining versatile output macrocells with a standard AND/OR single programmable array, this device is ideal in implementing a user’s custom logic. The use of Philips Semiconductors state-of-the-art bipolar oxide isolation process enables the 10H20EV8/10020EV8 to achieve optimum speed in any design. The SNAP design software package from Philips Semiconductors simplifies design entry based upon Boolean or state equations. The 10H20EV8/10020EV8 is a two-level logic element comprised of 11 fixed inputs, an input pin that can either be used as a clock or 12th input, 90 AND gates, and 8 Output Logic Macrocells. Each Output Macrocell can be individually configured as a dedicated input, dedicated output with polarity control, a bidirectional I/O, or as a registered output that has both output polarity control and feedback to the AND array. This gives the part the capability of having up to 20 inputs and eight outputs. The 10H20EV8/10020EV8 has a variable number of product terms that can be OR’d per output. Four of the outputs have 12 AND terms available and the other four have 8 terms per output. This allows the designer the extra flexibility to implement those functions that he couldn’t in a standard PAL device. Asynchronous Preset and Reset product terms are also included for system design ease. Each output has a separate output
enable product term. Another feature added for the system designer is a power-up Reset on all registered outputs.

? Ultra high speed ECL device
– tPD = 4.5ns (max)
– tIS = 2.6ns (max)
– tCKO = 2.3ns (max)
– fMAX = 208MHz
? Universal ECL Programmable Array Logic
– 8 user programmable output macrocells
– Up to 20 inputs and 8 outputs
– Individual user programmable output
? Variable product term distribution allows
increased design capability
? Asynchronous Preset and Reset capability
? 10KH and 100K options
? Power-up Reset and Preload function to
enhance state machine design and testing
? Design support provided via SNAP and
other CAD tools
? Security fuse for preventing design
? Available in 24-Pin 300mil-wide DIP and
28-Pin PLCC.

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