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APW7047 datasheet

The APW7047 provides the power controls and protec-ions for three output voltages on AGP/PCI Graphic Cardapplications. It integrates two PWM controllers , oneSOURCE-SINK linear controller, as well as the monitorand protection functions into a single package. One PWMconverter (PWM1) regulates the VCORE(1.5V) for the GPUwith a SYNC. buck converter. The other standard buckconverter (PWM2) regulates the VMEM(2.5V) for the pow-er of DDR memory. The SOURCE-SINK linear controllercontrol two external MOSFETs to be a linear regulatorwith the capability of sourcing and sinking current. It reg-ulates the VTT (1.25V) power for DDR Termination voltage.Additional built-in over-voltage protection (OVP) will bestarted when the VCORE or VMEM output is above 115%
CORE and VMEM). OVP function willof each DAC setting (Vshutdown the all output voltages until re-powering on theC. For each PWM converter, the over-current functionmonitors the output current by sensing the voltage dropacross the MOSFET!(R)s , eliminating the need for aDS(ON)current sensing resistor.


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