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ISL59830_1188734 datasheet and pdf

True Single Supply Video Driver
The ISL59830 is a revolutionary device that allows true single-supply operation of video amplifiers. The device runs off a single 3.3V supply and generates the required negative voltage internally. This allows for DC-accurate coupling of video onto a 75? double-terminated line. SInce the buffers have an integrated 6dB gain, the only external components required are the 75? termination resistors. An input reference voltage can be supplied to shift the analog video level down by an amount equal to the reference (typically 0.6V).

? Triple single-supply buffer? Operates from single +3.3V supply? No output DC blocking capacitor needed? Fixed gain of 2 output buffer? Output three-statable? Enable/disable functions? 50MHz 0.1dB bandwidth? 300MHz -3dB bandwidth? Pb-free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant)

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