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· 062D

Vendor:JRC   Package Cooled:DIP8   D/C:hot sell   

Description: emphasis selector switch. The third output of the gain controlled amplifier has a direct connection to the de-emphasis selector switch. This allows the selection of the sufficient frequency response of the de-emphasis network or a linear frequency response by passing the de-emphasis networks.

Applications: Logic input. A low level input turns off the high-side half-bridge MOSFET and, after an internally set dead time, turns the low-side half-bridge MOSFET on. A high input level has the opposite effect. The input is compatible with 5-, 12- or 15-V logic outputs.

Features: The SPT1175 is an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter which uses a two-step, ping-pong architecture to perform conver- sions up to 20 MSPS. Figure 2 shows the typical interface requirements when using the SPT1175 in normal operation. The following sections describe the function and operatio...

· 03-09-1125

Description: MPX12 series pressure sensors are available in differential and gauge configurations. Devices are available in the basic element package or with pressure port fittings which provide printed circuit board mounting ease and barbed hose pressure connections.

Applications: The buried macrocell is very similar to the I/O macrocell. Again, it includes a register that can be configured as combi- natorial, as a D flip-flop, a T flip-flop, or a latch. The clock for this register has the same options as described for the I/O macrocell. One difference on the buried mac...

Features: For applications demanding powerful I/O capabilities, the Z86E73/L73's dedicated input and output lines are grouped into four ports, and into seven ports for the Z86E74/L74. They are configurable under software control to provide timing, status signals, or parallel I/O.

· 0640

· 009506255

· 0819R-92H

· 043641WLAD-5

· 08055G683ZAT2A

Description: The VGAs low output-referred noise is advantageous in driving high speed differential ADCs. The gain of the postamplifier may be pin selected to 3.5 dB or 15.5 dB to optimize gain range and output noise for 12-bit or 10-bit converter applications. The output may be limited to a user-selec...

Applications: ♦ Direct IF Sampling Up to 400MHz ♦ Excellent Dynamic Performance 70.4dB/69.8dB SNR at fIN = 70MHz/175MHz 84.4dBc/80.2dBc SFDR at fIN = 70MHz/175MHz ♦ 3.3V Low Power Operation 647mW (Differential Clock Mode) 620mW (Single-Ended Clock Mode) ♦ Fully Differentia...

Features: The 08055G683ZAT2A/08055G683ZAT2A series of microprocessor supervisory circuits provide the maximum flexibility for monitoring power supplies and battery controlled functions in systems without backup batteries. The 08055G683ZAT2A/08055G683ZAT2A series are available in a 9-bump micro SMD ...

· 08051.1K

· 0525591890

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0805X7R474NF16V

· 02C128

· 0805121R

· 0403C

Description: The DS1267 contains two 256-position potentiometers whose wiper positions are set by an 8-bit value. These two 8-bit values are written to a 17-bit I/O shift register that is used to store the two wiper positions and the stack select bit when the device is powered. A block diagram of the DS12...

Applications: SAMPLE CLOCKS DATACLK, SHP, SHD Clock Period DATACLK Hi/Low Pulsewidth SHP Pulsewidth SHD Pulsewidth CLPDM Pulsewidth CLPOB Pulsewidth1 SHP Rising Edge to SHD Falling Edge SHP Rising Edge to SHD Rising Edge Internal Clock Delay Inhibited Clock Period

Features: The 0403C/0403Cs 2.7 V supply voltage, low supply current, serial interface, and small package size make it ideal for a variety of applications, including personal computers, office equipment, cellular phones, and domestic appliances.

· 08053C223KAT2U

· 0529750892

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0805R-471K

· 0805HS-560TFBC

· 0022035025

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0819R-62G

· 025101.5M

Description: 3V to 40V Input Voltage Operation Internal 1.6A Peak Current Switch Internal 1.8% Reference Low Quiescent Current at 1.6mA Frequency Operation from 100Hz~100KHz Output Voltage Adjustable Active Current Limiting Step-Up, Step-Down or Inverting Switching Regulators

Applications: The LTC®1751 family are micropower charge pump DC/ DC converters that produce a regulated output voltage at up to 100mA. The input voltage range is 2V to 5.5V. Extremely low operating current (20µA typical with no load) and low external parts count (one flying capacitor and two smal...

Features: Note 5: The 025101.5M VID DAC is tested in a feedback loop that adjusts VOSENSE to achieve a specified feedback voltage (VFB = 0.8V) for each DAC VID code. Note 6: Each built-in pull-up resistor attached to VID inputs also has a series diode connected to VCC to allow input voltages higher t...

· 0164R7TCM-M-C1R-K

Vendor:FUJITSU   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:06+   

Description: All thermal impedance data is approximate for static air conditions at 1 watt of power dissipation Values change depending on operating conditions and ap- plication requirements The Intel Packaging Hand- book (order number 240800) describes Intels ther- mal impedance test methodology

Applications: Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. The device should not be operated at these limits. The parametric values defined in the Electrical Characteristics tables are not guaranteed at the absolute maximum rating. The ...

Features: The 0164R7TCM-M-C1R-K uses a proprietary process and combines a dual low dropout adjustable output regulator in a single package with one output having a minimum of 6A and the other one having a 1A output current capability. This product is specifically designed to provide well regulated supp...

· 06033A331JAT2A

Description: The IDT70V9279/69 is a high-speed 32/16K x 16 bit synchronous Dual-Port RAM. The memory array utilizes Dual-Port memory cells to allow simultaneous access of any address from both ports. Registers on control, data, and address inputs provide minimal setup and hold times. The timing latitu...

Features: The on-chip reference and control amplifier are configured for maximum accuracy and flexibility. The 06033A331JAT2A can be driven by the on-chip reference or by a variety of external reference voltages. The internal control amplifier, which provides a wide (>10:1) adjustment span, allow...

· 0603CS-R27XJBG

Vendor:COILCRAFT/   Package Cooled:O603   D/C:04+   

· 06481-971572

Vendor:HAR   Package Cooled:CDIP14   D/C:80-86+   

· 0118165T3D6R

· 0528932290

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:06+   

· 0819-86G

· 04341.25NR

Description: Note: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those listed under Recommended Operating Conditions is not implied. Exp...

Applications: I. Devices are 100% production tested at 25C and guaranteed by design and characterization testing for the commercial operating temperature range (C40C to +85C). II. Parameter is guaranteed by design and/or characterization testing. III. Parameter is a typical value only.

Features: The 04341.25NR features two complementary outputs whose amplitude is controlled within 7%. The output signal levels are also adjustable from as low as 50mV to as high as 1000mV with little change in other performance parameters. The output amplitude of the output stage is varied by adjusting...

· 03-12-2121

Vendor:Molex   Package Cooled:connector   D/C:06+   

· 0805N330J500BD(0833P)

· 02-06-5130

· 0603348R

· 0805CS-181XJLW

· 0819-24H

· 0538850208

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:07+   

· 015AZ5.6-Y

Description: Each device requires only a single 3.0 volt power supply for read, program, and erase functions. Inter- nally generated and regulated voltages are provided for program and erase operations. A VCCQ pin is pro- vided to allow 5 volts to be applied to the output buffer logic. With 5 volt tolera...

Applications: Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient • 150 ppm/C, typical Input to Output Capacitance • 160 pF, typical Isolation • 100 megohm minimum at 500 V Conversion Frequency • Free run mode 245 kHz, typical Inhibit Pin Voltage (unit enabled) • 4.5 to 5.5 V

Features: Built-in buzzer driver (2kHz/4kHz) Power down command reduces power consumption Software configuration feature Data mode and Command mode instructions Three data accessing modes Provides VLCD pin to adjust LCD operating voltage Provides three kinds of bias current programming Control...

· 08055C223KAT2A

Description: Data flow from A to Y is controlled by Output Enable (OE). The device operates in the transparent mode when LE is HIGH. The A data is latched if CLK is held at a high or low logic level. If LE is LOW, the A-bus is stored in the latch/flip-flop on the low-to-high transition of CLK. When OE ...

Applications: NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to absolute maximum conditions for extended periods may de- grade device reliability. (2) Input terminals are diode-clamped to the power supply rails. Input signals that can swing more than 0.5V beyond the supply ...

Features: The HT818D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synthesizer LSI with 22.4-second voice capacity at a 6kHz sampling rate. The chip when trig- gered drives a speaker through an external transistor with a current switch D/A converter output. Negligible current will be consumed in the standby s...

· 0805-6N5JAVX

Vendor:inductor   Package Cooled:PE-   D/C:07+   

· 0603N150K100NT

· 0527932090

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0805N822J160CT

· 08-55-0112

· 01479413

Vendor:NSC   Package Cooled:SO-8   D/C:SX   

· 0805LS-78N

· 0805C473M5RAC7800

· 08-0132-02

Vendor:CISCO SYSTEMS   Package Cooled:BGA   D/C:03+   

Description: NOTES 1Guaranteed by characterization. 2Output delay measured from the 50% point of the rising edge of CLOCK to the 50% point of DAC output full-scale transition. 3Data: C[9:0]; S[9:0]; Y[9:0] Control: P_HSYNC; P_ VSYNC; P_BLANK; S_HSYNC; S_VSYNC; S_BLANK

Applications: The MAX1978 operates from a single supply and provides bipolar 3A output by biasing the TEC between the outputs of two synchronous buck regulators. True bipolar operation controls temperature without dead zones or other nonlin- earities at low load currents. The control system does not hunt w...

Features: • Manual-reset input. • Two-stage power-fail warning. A separate low-line comparator compares VCC to a threshold 52mV above the reset threshold. This low-line comparator is more accurate than those in previous µP supervisors. • Backup-battery switchover for CMOS R...

· 0805F475Z100CT

Description: tPHL3.510.53.59 * On products compliant to MIL-STD-883, Class B, this parameter is based on characterization data but is not production tested. † For conditions shown as MIN or MAX, use the appropriate value specified under recommended operating conditions.

Applications: Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the life of a device may be impaired. Note 2: TJ is calculated from the ambient temperature TA and power dissipation PD according to the following formulas: 0805F475Z100CT: TJ = TA + (PD • 95 C/W) Note 3: The 0805F475Z100...

Features: When calculating external asynchronous frequencies, use tAS1 if all inputs are on the dedicated input pins. If any data is applied to an I/O pin, tAS2 must be used as the required set-up time. If (tAS2 + tAH) is greater than tACO1, 1/(tAS2 + tAH) becomes the limiting frequency in the data pa...

· 0805B182K251NT

Description: Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning Q1 on applies a low voltage to the STBY control (pin 2) and disables the regulator ouput. Correspondingly, turning Q1 off removes the low-voltage signal and enables the output. Once enabled, the output will typically experience a 10C15ms d...

Applications: How to Read: • Controller (host) will send start bit. • Controller (host) sends the read address D3 (H) • ICS clock will acknowledge • ICS clock will send the byte count • Controller (host) acknowledges • ICS clock sends first byte (Byte 0) through b...

Features: Figure 1 and Table 2 show the maximum board dimensions for boards designed to interface to the HCE connectors. Surface mount components should be used to keep the total height of the HCE board and connectors to 0.6875 inches (17.46 mm) to avoid interference with the optional ETAS ETK inter...

· 0603AD-027J-01

Description: FEATURES l Multi quantum wells (MQW) DFB Laser Diode module l Emission wavelength is in 1.55µm band l Polarization maintaining optical fiber pig-tail l Built-in optical isolator l Built-in thermal electric cooler l Butterfly package l With 2 photodiodes for wavelength monitor...

Applications: is provided by an active LOW Chip Enable (CE), an active LOW Output Enable (OE), and three-state drivers. Writing to the device is accomplished by taking Chip Enable (CE) and Write Enable (WE) inputs LOW. Data on the eight I/O pins (I/O0 through I/O7) is then written into the location spe...

Features: DESCRIPTION The 0603AD-027J-01 is an high speed CMOS 3 TO 8 LINE DECODER fabricated with silicon gate C2MOS technology. If the device is enabled, 3 binary select inputs (A, B, and C) determine which one of the outputs will go low. If enable input G1 is held low or either G2A or G2B is ...

· 0805YE682MAT2E

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:08+   

· 08055G104ZAT4T

· 02DZ22-Y

Description: Choke Coil (L1). If the winding resistance of the choke coil is too high, the circuit efficiency will decrease. As the overcurrent protection start current is approximately 4.5 A, attention must be paid to the heating of the coil by magnetic saturation due to overload. To reduce the output...

Applications: The SAR, timed by the clock, sequences through the conversion cycle and returns an endCofC convert flag to the control section of the ADC. The clock is then disabled by the control section, which puts the STATUS output line low. The control section is enabled to allow the data to be re...

Features: The 02DZ22-Y/ 02DZ22-Y and 02DZ22-YGB/ 02DZ22-YGB are multi-channel phototransistor optocouplers that use GaAs IRLED emitters and high gain NPN silicon pho- totransistors. These devices are constructed using double molded insulation technology. This assembly process offers a withstand t...

· 0925-223F

· 04022100K

· 0402360K

· 08T1

· 0805ZG335ZAT4A

Description: Ultra low dropout voltage (140 mV @ 1.5A typ) Low ground pin current Load regulation of 0.04%/A 60 nA typical quiescent current in shutdown 1.5% output accuracy (25˚C) TO-220, TO-263 packages Over temperature/over current protection −40˚C to +125˚C junction temp...

Features: The 0805ZG335ZAT4A is designed to replace two single SO-8 MOSFETs and Schottky diode in synchronous DC:DC power supplies that provide various peripheral voltages for notebook computers and other battery powered electronic devices. 0805ZG335ZAT4A contains two unique 30V, N-channel, logic level...

· 0109/N2

· 0680-2000-01

· 0603B473K250CT

Description: Clock with 1/2 frequency of XTL1 Test pin Chip reset negative logic signal Test pin Test pin Test pin Ground pin CPU register read strobe negative logic signal CPU register write strobe negative logic signal Chip select negative logic signal from CPU Interrupt request signal to CPU...

Applications: DESCRIPTION The 0603B473K250CTFP is a high-speed line memory with a FIFO (First In First Out) structure of 5120-word 8-bit configuration which uses high-performance silicon gate CMOS process technology. It has separate clock, enable and reset signals for write and read, and is most sui...

Features: • Compliant with ATM, SONET OC-3, SDH STM-1 and SONET OC-12, SDH STM-4 • Meets mezzanine standard height of 9.8 mm • Compact integrated transceiver unit with C MQW laser diode transmitter C InGaAs PIN photodiode receiver C Duplex SC receptacle • Class 1 FDA a...

· 02T103T1

· 0N3131-R

Vendor:DIP   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:97+   

Description: 4) Place a sample and hold circuit, sampling at a rate of 1MHz, in front of the A/D in scenario 2. This results in the A/D converter seeing a very low slew rate, but the aperture errors are shifted to the sample-and-hold circuit. In many cases a sample-and-hold has much lower aperture er...

Applications: NanoStar and NanoFree Packages Low Static-Power Consumption; ICC = 0.9-µA Max Low Dynamic-Power Consumption; Cpd = 4.1 pF Typical at 3.3 V Low Input Capacitance; Ci = 1.5 pF Typical Low Noise − Overshoot and Undershoot <10% of VCC Ioff Supports Partial-Power-...

Features: The IDT70V9279/69 is a high-speed 32/16K x 16 bit synchronous Dual-Port RAM. The memory array utilizes Dual-Port memory cells to allow simultaneous access of any address from both ports. Registers on control, data, and address inputs provide minimal setup and hold times. The timing latitu...

· 08652

· 06035J2R0ABTTR

· 0819-94K

· 0805R-6N8J

· 04023C271KAT2A

Description: Bidirectional I/O lines. Software instructions determine the CMOS out- put or Schmitt trigger input with pull-high resistor (determined by 1-bit pull-high options). This external interrupt input is pin-shared with PG0. The external interrupt input is activated on a high to low transition.

Applications: The sensor can operate in three interface modes: master, snapshot, or slave mode. Additionally, master mode can be setup to allow simultaneous integration and readout (simultaneous master mode) or sequen- tial integration and readout (sequential master mode). Mode selection is done via ...

Features: This family is available in the low-profile SOT23, MSOP, and TSSOP packages. The 04023C271KAT2A is the first rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier with shutdown available in the 6-pin SOT23, making it perfect for high-density circuits. The family is specified over an expanded temp...

· 0805B473K160AD

· 0251012.NRT1

Vendor:LITTELFUSE   Package Cooled:0251012.NRT1 MXL NRT1- MRT1L MRT2-   D/C:08+   

· 0603R-15NJ

· 08ES

· 046240010016829

Vendor:KYOCERA   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:2008+   

· 07572-01

· 06035C103JAT4A

Description: HY57V1294020 is offering fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive edge of the clock. All inputs and out- puts are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth. All input and output voltage levels are co...

Applications: The 556C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes the use of the recommended footprint on a glass epoxy printed circuit board to achieve a power dissipation of 225 milliwatts. There are other alternatives to achieving higher power dissipation from the SOTC23 package. Another alternative would b...

Features: The 06035C103JAT4A is a low cost, digitally controlled, variable gain amplifier that provides precision gain control, high IP3, and low noise figure. The excellent distortion performance and wide bandwidth make the 06035C103JAT4A a suitable gain control device for modern receiver designs.

· 02CZ6.8-Y(6.8Y)

· 08105-04

· 07FEB96WL

· 033100

Vendor:AMPH   Package Cooled:n/a   D/C:04   

· 0402-120E560MP

· 040105200-4370E3-0122S

· 0387-2K

Vendor:FAIR   Package Cooled:DIP-8   D/C:344   

Description: 50/60-Hz Progressive output with Line-Interpolation (A + A*), Field-Merging (A + B) or with Motion-adaptive De-interlacing based on median f(A, B) Advanced Still Picture modes: AA*AA* and ABAB interlaced or AAAA non-interlaced Automatic Movie mode detection and scanning

Applications: The 0387-2K and the 0387-2K are very high speed comparators utilizing differential amplifier inputs to sense analog signals above or below a reference level. An output latch provides a unique sample-hold feature. The 0387-2K provides high impedance Darlington inputs, while the 0387-2K is a...

Features: SYNC - This pin is the input pin for external frequency synchronization. The switching frequency of the device can be synchronized by an external clock signal inserted at this pin. The oscillator timing capacitor, CT, is still required, even if an external clock is used. Program the free-runni...

· 03872K

Vendor:FAI   Package Cooled:DIP-8   D/C:02+   

· 060317.4KF

· 08053C474MAT2A

Description: TACHYON Architecture Tachyon TL continues with the TACHYON architecture, a complete hardware-based state machine design. This architec- ture does not require an addi- tional on-board microprocessor and therefore avoids reduced performance issues relating to processor cycles per ...

Applications: Notes: 5. Distribution data sample size is 450 samples taken from 9 different wafers. Future wafers allocated to this product may have nominal values anywhere within the upper and lower specification limits. 6. Measurements made on production test board, Figure 4. This circuit rep...

Features: Specifications subject to change without notice. All static performance tests (except IOUT) are performed in a closed-loop system using an external precision OPA277 I-to-V converter amplifier. The 08053C474MAT2A RFB terminal is tied to the amplifier output. Typical values represent average ...

· 08051J3R3ABT

· 0P284FSZ

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:06+   

· 0101SLF

· 0315008.MXP

· 0402CS-33NXJBC

Vendor:coilciaft   Package Cooled:0402-33N   D/C:05+   

· 0805R-3N0K

· 01183/

Vendor:(H)   Package Cooled:03+   D/C:PLCC28   

· 0603N681J500NT

Description: The MAX5069A controllers internal oscillator clock switches at 500kHz and the frequency is programmed by resistor R3. The duty cycle of both MOSFETs is var- ied to control energy transfer to the output. The MAX5069A EV kits maximum duty cycle is 90% as con- figured. Resistor R4 sets the dead ...

Applications: The HMJ1 is a high dynamic range, GaAs FET mixer. This active FET realizes a typi- cal third order intercept point of +39 dBm at an LO drive level of +17 dBm. The HMJ1 comes in a low cost, J-lead package. Typical applications include frequency up/down conversion, modulation and demodu...

Features: The 0603N681J500NT microcontrollers integrate several peripherals, that are classified as system or user peripherals. All on-chip peripherals are 32-bit accessible by the AMBA Bridge, and can be programmed with a minimum number of instructions. The peripheral register set consists of contro...

· 011067002K36M

· 04745805AA4

Vendor:INTERSIL   Package Cooled:TO220-3   D/C:02+   

· 03C60

· 0297981A

Description: • Quad channel transceiver for 195 to 1500 MBaud serial signaling rate Aggregate throughput of 12 GBits/second • Second-generation HOTLink® technology • Compliant to multiple standards ESCON, DVB-ASI, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE802.3z) CYV15G0401D...

Applications: High-power capability PowerSO-36; V cc /2 compatible inputs; Junction over-temperature protection; Case over-temperature protection for thermal independence of the channel; Current limitation; Shorted load protection; Under-voltage shutdown; Protection against loss of ground; Ver...

Features: Each channel of the HA-2400/04/05 can be controlled and operated with suitable feedback networks in any of the standard op amp configurations. This specialization makes these amplifiers excellent components for multiplexing signal selection and mathematical function designs. W...

· 072454-020V

Vendor:600   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:310   

Description: Power Diode Module DD200HB series are designed for various rectifier circuits. DD200HB has two diode chips connected in series and the mounting base is electrically isolated from elements for simple heatsink construction. Wide voltage rating up to 1,600V is available for various input volta...

Applications: combination with the antenna damping AGC (PIN diode driver on chip) and MOS FET 2nd gate drive AGC, the intermodulation characteristic for a large undesired signal is greatly improved. It is also possible to use the keyed AGC system in combination with the antenna damping AGC or MO...

Features: Forced-continuous operation in the 072454-020V reduces noise and RF interference. Fault protection is provided by an overcurrent comparator that limits output current dur- ing both sourcing and sinking operations. Adjustable compensation allows the transient response to be opti- mized over a ...

· 0805CS101EJPS

· 002-30

· 0805YC332JAT4A

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:08+   

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