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· 39520-0019

· 3222EEY


Applications: The 3222EEY PCI interface supports the following: s 64-bit (address and data), intelligent bus master, burst DMA host interface for fetching I/O control blocks and data transfers s Supports PCI dual-address cycle (64-bit addressing) s Backward compatible to 32-bit PCI s Dual-channel DM...

Features: Two 3222EEY devices can sit on the same I2C bus, each selected by the Master according to the state of the I2CADR pin. The 7-bit device address is 0100110 (binary) when I2CADR is low. The device address is 0100111 (binary) when I2CADR is high. See Section 4, Programming

· 3SK79

Vendor:PANASONIC   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:N/A   

· 39502-1020

· 3572BM

Description: • High-speed access time: 35, 45, 55, 70 ns • Low active power: 450 mW (typical) • Low standby power: 150 µW (typical) CMOS standby • Output Enable (OE) and two Chip Enable (CE1 and CE2) inputs for ease in applications • Fully static operation: no clo...

Applications: Standard SDRAM Protocol Internal 4bank operation Voltage : VDD = 2.5V, VDDQ = 1.8V & 2.5V LVTTL compatible I/O Interface Low Voltage interface to reduce I/O power Low Power Features ( HY5W22F / HY57W283220T series cant support these features) - PASR(Partial Array Self Refresh) - TCSR(Te...

Features: The 3572BM is a 1/3 or 1/4 duty LCD driver for segment type LCD panel with key scan function transmitting the 30 keys maximum scanned data (6 x 5 = 30) to CPU. The 3572BM chooses numbers of common, key scan, and general purpose ports by instructions. Therefore, It drives 126 segments at 1/...

· 35572-0300

· 355720300

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:MOLEX 2.5 WTB LOCK HOUSING   D/C:2006   

· 34063AM-E1

Applications: The 34063AM-E1 is recommended for use as a reference for 14, 16, or 18 bit D/A converters which require an external precision reference. The device is also ideal for calibrating scale factor on high resolution A/D converters. The 34063AM-E1 offers superior performance over monolithic referen...

Features: Features • Optimal operating distance 1 mm to 5 mm • IR-GaAs-emitter • Silicon NPN phototransistor detector • Daylight filter against undesired light effects • High collector-emitter current typ. 0.7 mA • Low saturation voltage • Emitter and d...

· 3RG9004-0SC00

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:AS INTERFACE USER MODULE IP00   D/C:07+   

· 39503-2019

· 32CP

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 303020552

Description: The internal bootstrap diode and an external bootstrap capacitor supply voltage to the BOOT pin. An integrated bootstrap diode replaces the external diode normally needed for the bootstrap circuit; only a capacitor is necessary to complete the bootstrap circuit. The bootstrap capacitor is...

Applications: The S-Bus is a four wire, full duplex, time division multiplexed transmission facility which exchanges information at 192 kbit/s rate including two 64 kbit/s PCM voice or data channels, a 16 kbit/s signalling channel and 48 kbit/s for synchronization and overhead. The relative position of the...

Features: In the receive path, the input amplifier sums the signals from the line and hybrid path to perform first-order analog echo cancellation. The resultant signal is then digitized by the rest of the receive section into a 16-bit digital word that is sent to the external DSP. This IC operates ...

· 34A15A

Vendor:TELEWIND   Package Cooled:QFP208   D/C:02+   

· 37150-1.8BR

Vendor:MIC   Package Cooled:05+   D/C:SMD   

Description: Serial Clock (SCL). This input signal is used to strobe all data in and out of the device. In applica- tions where this signal is used by slave devices to synchronize the bus to a slower clock, the bus master must have an open drain output, and a pull-up resistor can be connected from Se...

Applications: Interrupt. This open drain output signal is used to inform the processor that a detect flag has occurred. The processor must then read the detect register to determine which detect triggered the interrupt. INT will stay low until the processor reads the detect register or does a full reset.

Features: To maximize I/O throughput and improve host and Fibre Channel utilization, the ISP2200A incorporates a high-speed, proprietary RISC processor; a Fibre Channel protocol manager (FPM); integrated frame buffer memory; and a host bus, three-channel, bus master DMA controller. The FPM and ho...

· 3SD21

Vendor:SHARP   Package Cooled:DIP5   D/C:N/A   

Description: B2: Writing this bit to a 1 protects the upper page of memory. If this bit is set, memory locations F8h to FFh are configured for write-protection. B1: Writing this bit to a 1 protects the upper block of memory. If this bit is set, memory locations 80h to F7h are configured for write-protec...

Applications: POLARITY CORRECTION The 3SD21 is capable of either automatic or manual polarity reversal for 10BASE-T and auto- negotiation.These features are controlled by register bits MR16.5 and MR16.4. The default is automatic mode where MR16.5 is low and MR16.4 indicates if the detection circuitry has ...

Features: The 3SD21 is an 8-bit bidirectional transceiver designed for asynchronous two-way communication between data buses. The transmit/receive input pin (T/R) determines the direction of data flow through the bidirectional transceiver. Transmit (active HIGH) enables data from A ports to B ports...

· 38720-7406

· 3802B15FP

· 3TK2826-2CW30

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:SIRIUS SAFETY RELAY   D/C:07+   

· 33-20

Vendor:WU   Package Cooled:00+   D/C:SOD   

Description: Per MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition E Per MIL-STD-833, Method 1011, Condition A 0.060" double amplitude 10 Hz to 55 Hz, 35gs 55Hz to 2000 Hz 300C for 10 seconds Leak rate less than 1 x 10-8 of helium Human Body Model per ON Semiconductor 10kH series ECL: 500V min.

Applications: Low Dropout Voltage of 180mV at 100mA Output Current (3.0V Output Version). Guaranteed 300mA Output Current. Internal 1.3Ω P-MOSFET Draws no Base Current. Low Ground Current at 55µA. 2% Accuracy Output Voltage of 1.8V/ 2.0V/ 2.5V/ 2.7V/ 3.0V. Input Voltage Range up to 12V. Need...

Features: (WE) inputs are both LOW. Data on the input pin (DI) is written into the memory location specified on the address pins (A0 through A11). Readingthedeviceisaccomplished bytak ingthechipenable(CE)LOWwhile(WE) remains HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the location specified on the...


· 3600665(DIP20)

· 32D08X2

· 3EZ75D5

Vendor:3950   Package Cooled:EIC   D/C:09+   

Description: The LM27 is a precision, single digital-output, low-power thermostat comprised of an internal reference, DAC, tem- perature sensor and comparator. Utilizing factory program- ming, it can be manufactured with different trip points as well as different digital output functionality. The trip...

Applications: When set into the bypass mode, both input and output are inter- nally matched through a mitigative circuit. This circuit draws no current, yet duplicates the in and out impedance of the LNA. This allows the system user to have minimum mismatch change from LNA to bypass mode, which is ve...

Features: When power is applied to VDD, an internal Power On Reset holds the 3EZ75D5 in a reset state until VDD has reached VPOR. At this point, the reset condition is released and the 3EZ75D5 registers are initialized to their default states, all the outputs in the off state.

· 3P350

· 3020UYC/A6/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 30F-50

· 3SE3170-6A


· 3820-0024

· 359790410

Description: The FM811/FM812 is a low cost microprocessor supervisory circuit that asserts a reset if the power supply drops below a designated threshold or the manual reset pin is forced low. Several different reset thresholds are available to accommodate systems operating at 3V, 3.3V or 5V.

Applications: Boost converter with a 2A, 0.18Ω switch Boost output voltage adjustable up to 20V Operating voltage range of 2.5V to 7V 660kHz/1.28MHz pin selectable switching frequency Adjustable soft-start function Input undervoltage protection Over temperature protection Adjustable low dro...

Features: Ground connection. For best performance, keep traces physically short and connect immediately to ground plane. Ground connection for the LNA circuits. For best performance, keep traces physically short and connect immediately to ground plane. Attenuation pin. A logic high reduces LNA gain...

· 35979-0410

Description: For driving the N-Channel gates, it is important to keep in mind that it is essentially like driving a capacitance to a sufficient voltage to get the channel fully on. Driving the gates to +15 volts with respect to their sources assures that the transistors are on. This will keep the dissip...

Applications: - Suspends erase operations to allow programming in same bank Data Polling and Toggle Bit - Provides a software method of detecting the status of program or erase cycles Unlock Bypass Program command - Reduces overall programming time when issuing multiple program command sequences

Features: The operational modes are controlled by the OpMode signals. The OpMode signals are capable of inhibiting normal operation of the transceiver and evoking special test modes. These modes take effect immediately and take precedence over any pending data operations. The transmission data rate ...

· 3SE2120-0G


· 3549/R2568

Vendor:BB   Package Cooled:01+   D/C:DIP-28   

· 35116S

Vendor:SOP   Package Cooled:PHI   D/C:N/A   

Description: 2. Muting Function The IC is set to the muted state by setting pin 22 to the ground potential. In this state, the audio output is muted. The time constant with which the muting function operates is set by an external RC circuit, and this time constant influences the pop noise that occurs ...

Applications: In addition to the column address, A10 (= AP) is used to invoke autoprecharge operation at the end of the burst read or write cycle. If A10 is high, autoprecharge is selected and BA0, BA1 defines the bank to be precharged. If A10 is low, autoprecharge is disabled. During a Precharge com...

Features: Meets latest VRM 8.4 specification for PIII Provides single chip solution for Vcore, GTL+ and clock supply On-board DAC programs the output voltage from 1.3V to 3.5V. The IRU3004/IRU3005 remains on for VID code of (11111). Dual linear regulator controller on-board for 1.5V GTL+ and 2.5V clo...

· 3020UYOC/A3/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 3513F

Vendor:3950   Package Cooled:UTC   D/C:09+   

· 3-1906052-1

· 3366P-1-504

· 3843AGDR8

Vendor:CS   Package Cooled:SOP8   D/C:99+   

Description: All part numbers end with a place code, designating the silicon die revision. Reference information available on request. Example: HYS 64D128020GBDL-8-A, indicating Rev.A die is used for DDR-SDRAM components. The Compliance Code which is printed on the module labels describes the speed sort ...

Applications: Channel A +Supply Do Not Connect Do Not Connect Channel A VCA Negative Input Channel A VCA Positive Input Channel A LNP Negative Output Channel A LNP Positive Output Channel A Switched Feedback Output Channel A Feedback Output Channel A Frequency Compensation 1 Channel A Frequen...

Features: All voltage values, unless otherwise noted, are with respect to the midpoint between VCC + and VCC C. Differential voltages are at the noninverting input terminal with respect to the inverting input terminal. The magnitude of the input voltage must never exceed the magnitude of the supply v...

· 39VF800

Vendor:SST   Package Cooled:TSSOP48   D/C:2007+   

Description: TI assumes no liability for applications assistance or customer product design. TI does not warrant or represent that any license, either express or implied, is granted under any patent right, copyright, mask work right, or other intellectual property right of TI covering or relating to any...

Applications: Note: Stresses greater than those listed under MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not im...

Features: A heatsink underneath the area of the PCB for the mounted device is strictly required for proper thermal operation. Damage to the device can occur without the use of one. Ground / thermal vias are critical for the proper performance of this device. Vias should use a .35mm (#80 / .0135) d...

· 327104673-0

Description: The 327104673-0 delivers up to 20mW per channel into a 32Ω load and achieves 0.006% THD+N. An 80dB at 1kHz power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) allows the 327104673-0 to operate from noisy digital supplies without an additional linear regulator. The 327104673-0 includes 8kV ESD protectio...

Applications: value to the description of the CMX868 Receive Mode register indicates that the following actions will occur: DTMF/Programmable Tone Pair/Answer Tone/Call Progress detection mode selected (b15-12=0001) 0dB internally provided Rx gain (b11-9=111) DTMF Tones detection mode (b2-0=001) (Note th...

Features: The sensors are designed for industrial and automotive applications and operate with supply voltages from 3.75 V to 24 V in the junction temperature range from C40 C up to 140 C. All sensors are available in the SMD-pack- age SOT-89B and in the leaded version TO-92UA.

· 3SX3105-ZA06

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:SPARE PART F.POSITION SWITCH   D/C:07+   

· 3RK1911-0CA50

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:ECOFAST POWER SUPPLY CABLE   D/C:07+   

· 3404.0016.24OMF125

· 38510/12205

· 3RK1911-4BA00

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:SIEMENS BRAKING BOARD 400 V AC   D/C:07+   

· 3.6864M

Description: Note 3 The HALT mode will stop CKI from oscillating in the RC and crystal configurations HALT test conditions L and G0 G5 ports configured as outputs and set high The D port set to zero All inputs tied to VCC The comparator and the Brown Out circuits are disabled

Applications: Positive analog supply pin. This pin should be connected to a quiet voltage source of +3.0V to +3.6V. VA and VD should have a common supply and be separately bypassed with 10 µF to 50 µF capacitors in parallel with 0.1 µF capacitors.

Features: The Hynix 3.6864M Series are 16Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of eighteen 16Mx4bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs in 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package on a 168pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. One 0.22uF and one 0.0022uF decoupl...

· 30541

Vendor:BOSCH   Package Cooled:SOP-8   D/C:09+   

· 39536-4006

· 3COM40-0476-001/002

Description: † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. E...

Applications: The device includes several user-selectable built in features. One, toggle mode, permits on/off touch control, for example for light switch replacement. Another makes the sensor output a pulse instead of a DC level, which allows the device to 'talk' over the power rail, permitting a simple 2...

Features: A new mixed signal module fully integrates power, control functions, and drive circuitry into a single 2 x 4 x 0.48 package. The module provides closed loop speed control of three phase, brushless DC (BLDC) motors used in a variety of system applications. The 3COM40-0476-001/002 has been de...

· 3D-215DVD

Vendor:ATL   Package Cooled:QFP   D/C:08+   

Description: • fast CoolMOS power MOSFET - 2nd generation - High blocking voltage - Low on resistance - Low thermal resistance due to reduced chip thickness • Series Schottky diode prevents current flow through MOSFETs body diode - very low forward voltage - fast switching ̶...

Applications: Four 8-bit registers are provided for control, option select and status monitoring. These registers are addressed with the AD0, AD1, and AD2 multiplexed address lines (latched by ALE) and appear to a control microprocessor as four consecutive memory locations. Two control registers and the to...

Features: Notes: (1) The ISR will operate at no load with reduced specifications. (2) The minimum input voltage required by the part is V out + 1.2 V or 3.1 V, whichever is greater., (3) The STBY* control (pin 3) has an internal pull-up and if it is left open circuit the module will operate when in...

· 34308

Applications: NOTE 1: The HDQ engine of the bq2019 interests a 5-ns or longer glitch on HDQ as a bit start. A sufficient number of glitches 5 ns or longer could result in incorrect data being written to the device. The HDQ line should be properly deglitched to ensure that this does not occur.

Features: The 34308 is a monolithic MOS integrated circuit utiliz- ing CMOS metal gate low threshold P- and N-channel devic- es It is available both in 40-pin molded dual-in-line pack- ages or as dice The 34308 is particularly suited for driv- ing high voltage (60V max) vacuum fluorescent (VF) dis-...

· 3SMC30A

Vendor:Centralsemi   Package Cooled:SMC/DO-214AB   D/C:2009+   

· 3KP210A/CA

Vendor:ON   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:06+   

· 3D-215-DVD

Description: Two non-inverting buffers are also included in this IC for buffering the HSYNC and VSYNC signals from the graphics controller IC. These buffers will accept TTL input levels and convert them to CMOS output levels that swing between GND and VCC. These drivers have a nominal 60Ω outp...

Applications: The 3D-215-DVDM has a 16-bit Host port with DMA capability that lets external Hosts access on-chip memory. This 24-pin parallel port consists of a 16-pin multiplexed data/address bus and provides a low-service overhead data move capability. Con- figurable for 8 or 16 bits, this port provi...

Features: Typicals represent average readings at 25C, VDD = 5 V. Resistor position nonlinearity error, R-INL, is the deviation from an ideal value measured between the maximum resistance and the minimum resistance wiper positions. R-DNL measures the relative step change from ideal between success...

· 3SK162IT

Vendor:HITACHI   Package Cooled:SOT-143   D/C:05+   

· 38504PB02

Vendor:MOT   Package Cooled:DIP   D/C:2006   

Description: The SDA pin is bidirectional for serial data transfer. This pin is open-drain driven and may be wired with any number of other open drain or open collector devices. An exter- nal pull-up resistor should be connected between SDA and V CC . The value of this resistor and the system capacitan...

Applications: The maximum output is set to VMAX, the minimum output to VMIN and the average output to VAVE. 6) Integration time is 10ms. 7) VOUT = 500mV 8) DR = VSAT/VDRK When optical accumulated time is shorter, the dynamic range gets wider because dark voltage is in propagation to optical accumula...

Features: The 38504PB02 150Mbps automotive VCSEL driver implements low-cost transmitters operating from 8Mbps to 150Mbps at junction temperatures up to +140C. The device accepts single-ended TTL, differential PECL or LVDS input data, and provides bias and modulation currents for driving a VCSEL. The ou...

· 39.975M

Vendor:KDS   Package Cooled:5×7   D/C:SMD 4P   

· 3SK146/UE

Description: Parameters Storage Temperature Ambient Operating Temperature Lead Solder Temperature for 10s (1.6 mm below seating plane) Average Forward Current Input Power Dissipation Collector Current Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Collector Voltage Collector Power Dissipation Total Po...

Applications: Note) The PWM data set, the PWM Frequency set and the PWM phase set commands are executed, asynchronously to the PWM counter, thus the users command setting is executed after execution time, which is about 128/fosc if {fPWM=(fosc/2)/2} is set up. During that execution time, the IC may exe...

Features: DESCRIPTION The 3SK146/UE is manufactured in a hybrid structure, using dedicated high voltage Bipolar and low voltage MOSFET technologies, aimed to providing the best performance in ESBT topology. The 3SK146/UE is designed for use in industrial converters and/or welding equipment.

· 3SE3120-1FZA1-0


· 334905IC

· 333-2UGC-H3-S400-X6

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:NA/   D/C:09+   

· 39-53-4500

· 300A-TJ

· 341S0066

Vendor:APPLE   Package Cooled:SOP32W   D/C:2007+   

Description: The differential inputs provide a full scale selectable input swing of 2.0 VP-P, 1.5 VP-P, 1.0 VP-P, with the possibility of a single-ended input. Full use of the differential input is recom- mended for optimum performance. An internal +1.2V preci- sion bandgap reference is used to set t...

Applications: Information in this document is provided in connection with ADMtek products. ADMtek may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Designers must not rely on the absence or characteristics of any features or instructions marked "reserved" ...

Features: 100 year message retention (typical) • 100K analog record cycles (typical) • 10K digital record cycles (typical) • Full-duplex (not in I2S mode) single channel speech CODEC with : o External 13.824 MHz, 27.648 MHz, 20.48 MHz or 40.96 MHz master clock o I2S and PCM digit...

· 30-01206-0

Description: A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of CAS or OE, whichever occurs last, while holding WE HIGH. The column address must be held for a minimum time specified by tAR. Data Out becomes valid only when tRAC, tAA, tCAC and tOE are all satisfied. As a result, the access time is depend...

Applications: At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked. To activate the lockdown for a specific sector, the six-bus cycle Sector Lockdown command must be issued. Once a sector has been locked down, the contents of the sector is read-only and cannot be erased or programmed.

Features: PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns products in the formative or design phase of development. Characteristic data and other specifications are design goals. Texas Instruments reserves the right to change or discontinue these products without notice. ADVANCE INFORMATION concerns new prod...

· 30562BOSCHTQFP05+

· 39523-3006

· 35A400V

Description: CHIP SELECT: A low on this pin during the falling edge of ALE allows a read cycle or a write cycle to occur. AD0-AD7 will not be driven and no registers will be written if CS (latched) is not active. The state of CS is latched on the falling edge of ALE.

Applications: The 35A400V is designed to interface directly to the PCI local bus and operate as a 32-bit DMA master. This function is accomplished through the PCI bus interface unit (PBIU) containing an onboard DMA controller. The PBIU generates and samples PCI bus control signals, generates host mem...

Features: The 35A400V/35A400V-1 output voltage sensing scheme* monitors the flyback voltage to indirectly regulate the output voltage, eliminating an output resistor divider or discrete zener diode. This feature allows the capacitor to be held at a fully charged state without excessive power consumptio...

· 39372-0010

· 3002AC2H2MJ1C

Description: IMPORTANT NOTE: The Virtex-II Platform FPGA data sheet is created and published in separate modules. This complete version is provided for easy downloading and searching of the complete document. Page, figure, and table numbers begin at 1 for each module, and each module has its own Revision ...

Applications: Reference Source Select (Input). A logic low selects the PRI (primary) reference source as the input reference signal and a logic high selects the SEC (secondary) input. The logic level at this input is gated in by the rising edge of F8o. See Table 2. This pin is internally pulled down to VSS.

Features: The PKG 2000 I series of low profile DC/DC Power Modules are intended as distributed power sources in decentralized +24 V DC power systems. They can be used as on-board distributed power modules, or serve as building blocks for more centralized power boards. The PKG series of DC/DC power modu...

· 3SE2120-1UV00-0AH4


· 310-25010

Vendor:SRC   Package Cooled:3P   D/C:04+   

· 3N219

· 3SE2120-1TV00-0AC4


· 39536-4015

· 344160600009R00

· 327DG

· 327CE

Vendor:LUCENT   Package Cooled:PLCC   D/C:07+   

Description: † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. E...

Applications: The clock of the crystal oscillator can be used for clocking the microcontroller. Atmels ATARx9x has the special feature of starting with an integrated RC-oscillator to switch on the 327CE with ENABLE = H, and after 1 ms to assume the clock signal of the transmis- sion IC, so that the messa...

Features: Insertion of the SNAPHAT housing after reflow prevents potential battery and crystal damage due to the high temperatures required for device sur- face-mounting. The SNAPHAT housing is keyed to prevent reverse insertion. The SOIC and battery/crystal packages are shipped separately in p...

· 39AG

· 33LTC

Vendor:LINEAR   Package Cooled:QFN   D/C:05+   

· 3302X-3-102E

· 30FL-SM1-TB

Vendor:JST   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 3SE2120-1GW00-0AF7


· 30CPQ140

Vendor:IR    Package Cooled:TO-247    D/C:09+   

Description: The MAX 7000A architecture supports 100% transistor-to-transistor logic (TTL) emulation and high-density integration of SSI, MSI, and LSI logic functions. It easily integrates multiple devices including PALs, GALs, and 22V10s devices. MAX 7000A devices are available in a wide range of pack...

Applications: Clocks in the ispLSI 2064 and 2064A devices are se- lected using the dedicated clock pins. Three dedicated clock pins (Y0, Y1, Y2) or an asynchronous clock can be selected on a GLB basis. The asynchronous or Product Term clock can be generated in any GLB for its own clock.

Features: Figure 2 shows a typical application circuit for the 30CPQ140 MMIC. The device is internally matched to 50 Ω, and therefore does not need any external matching. The value of the input and output DC blocking capacitors C2 and C3 should not be more than 100 pF for applications above...

· 3366X-1-502

· 3COM40-0664-003A

Description: Single-power-supply flash memory (F-ZTAT™*) is available, providing a quick and flexible response to conditions from ramp-up through full-scale volume production, even for applications with frequently changing specifications.

Applications: INPUT/OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Input Common-Mode Voltage Adjustment Range Max Output Voltage Swing1 dB Compressed Output Common-Mode Offset Output Common-Mode DriftC40C to +85C Output Differential Offset Voltage Output Differential Offset Drift C40C to +85C Input Bias Current Inpu...

Features: Fabricated in ADIs high speed XFCB process, the 3COM40-0664-003A has high bandwidth that provides high frequency performance and low distortion. The quiescent current of the 3COM40-0664-003A is 28 mA typically. The 3COM40-0664-003A amplifier comes in a compact 10-lead MSOP package and will...

· 301066/5800A070010

Vendor:Transmeta   Package Cooled:BGA   D/C:0302+   

· 39510-0015

· 3-SG400W22

· 3KP13

Vendor:ON   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:06+   

· 3SE5000-0AT02

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:FORK LEVER FOR   D/C:07+   

· 3029020

Description: If the I/O is configured as an output, then either Q1 or Q2 is enabled, depending on the state of the output port register. Care should be exercised if an external voltage is applied to an I/O configured as an output because of the low impedance paths that exist between the pin and either...

Applications: The 3029020C302902094 are available in 6-pin 3mm x 3mm TDFN and tiny space-saving 4-pin SOT143 pack- ages. The 3029020/302902091/302902093 are also avail- able in a tiny 5-pin SOT23 package. For lower current current-limiting switches, refer to the 302902085C302902088 data sheet.

Features: Instruction Structure The next byte sent to the 3029020 contains the instruction and register pointer information. The four most significant bits are the instruction. The next four bits point to one of four associated registers. The format is shown below in Figure 2.

· 340160900400R01

· 3146A

Vendor:HARRIS   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:08+   

Description: 256-byte SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector Factory locked and identifiable: 16 bytes available for secure, random factory Electronic Serial Number; verifiable as factory locked through autoselect function. ExpressFlash option allows entire sector to be available for factory-secur...

Applications: Piezo-resistive pressure sensors exhibit excellent sensitivity and reproducibility, but they are quite sensitive to changes in environmental temperature. Until recently, there was no way to compensate these errors while achieving the small size and fast response needed in micro- fluidic flow...

Features: The 3146A is a self contained, miniature Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) that is used in conjunction with Gennums HD-LINX™ ICs. It produces a clean 1.485GHz reference clock signal for such devices as the GS1515 HDTV Reclocker and other HD-LINX™ devices. The control voltage ran...

· 39512-1006

· 38510-10502BEA(IH5041MDE)

· 340161100900R00

· 3SF3200-1DV00-0BA1

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:Positionsschalter mit ASI-F-Adapter 1NC Sprung For   D/C:07+   

· 32101J

Description: s GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NJM2581 is a dual supply voltage wide band 3ch video amplifier. It is suitable for Y, Pb, and Pr signal because frequency range is 50MHz. The NJM2581 is suitable for Set Top Box, AV amplifier, and other high quality AV systems.

Applications: UL, TUV, CSA recognized. PS300 This specification takes precedence over documents referenced herein. Reference documents shall be the issue in effect on the date of invitation for bid. Refer to Page 2 of this document for application limitations.

Features: ICM-107B is a single-chip digital color-imaging device. It incorporates a 1152x864 sensor array capable of operating at up to 30 frames per second and sub-sampled quarter mega pixel resolution, operating at higher frame rate in progressive manner. Each pixel is covered by a color filter, wh...

· 340160100600R00

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