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· 5962-8959821MIA

· 595D224X0050T2T

Description: 3.1 Item requirements. The individual item requirements for device classes Q and V shall be in accordance with MIL-PRF- 38535 and as specified herein or as modified in the device manufacturer's Quality Management (QM) plan. The modification in the QM plan shall not affect the form, fit, or ...

Applications: Anticollision mode, which is used only in long range operation, allows you to handle several transponders that are within the communication field of the antenna at the same time, thus achieving highest operating security and permitting to handle several data transfers quickly and simulta...

Features: † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. E...

· 533750490

· 507-03036-00

· 5962-9174402MXA

Description: The LTC2439-1 accepts any external differential reference voltage from 0.1V to VCC for flexible ratiometric and remote sensing measurement applications. It can be configured to take 8 differential channels or 16 single-ended channels. The full-scale bipolar input range is from C 0.5V REF to 0...

Applications: A PCM CodecCFilter is used for digitizing and reconstruct- ing the human voice. These devices are used primarily for the telephone network to facilitate voice switching and trans- mission. Once the voice is digitized, it may be switched by digital switching methods or transmitted long di...

Features: Note: Both regulators can be bypassed if external regulation is desired. When bypassing the analog regulator, the VBATT_ANA and VCC_OUT pins must be tied together and the external analog voltage (1.8 V) should be applied to the VBATT_ANA pin. When bypassing the digital regulator, the VBATT_DI...

· 5043ED806RF

· 5962-8958602GA

Vendor:NSC   Package Cooled:CAN   D/C:95+   

· 5088T48PLK19IR-DB

Description: • Ensure that the control loop has enough phase margin at the extremes of the rated input voltage and output load, both with and without the output buffer capacitor. • A 5% VR1 should be acceptable for an audio amplifier. Greater accuracy will require a 2% VR1. • OV a...

Applications: NOTES: (1) dBFS refers to dB below Full-Scale. (2) Percentage accuracies are referred to the internal A/D converter Full-Scale Range of 4Vp-p. (3) To assure DNL and no missing code performance, see timing diagram footnote 2. (4) IMD is referred to the larger of the two input signals. If refer...

Features: The 5088T48PLK19IR-DB is a high performance dual inverter with open drain outputs operating from a 1.65 V to 5.5 V supply. The internal circuit is composed of multiple stages, including an open drain output which provides the capability to set output switching level. This allows the 5088...

· 5962R9951705VXA

· 5962-8670401PA

Description: The Hyundai HYM72V64736AT8 Series are 64Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of eighteen 32Mx8bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs in 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package on a 168pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. One 0.22uF and one 0.0022u...

Applications: Notes: 1. All timing is referenced to the Internal CPUCLK (defined as inside the 5962-8670401PA device.) 2. PCI_STOP# is an asynchronous input, and metastable conditions may exist. This signal is required to be synchronized inside the 5962-8670401PA. 3. All other clocks continue to run undi...

Features: The IDT71V2576/78 are high-speed SRAMs organized as 128K x 36/256K x 18. The IDT71V2576/78 SRAMs contain write, data, address and control registers. Internal logic allows the SRAM to generate a self- timed write based upon a decision which can be left until the end of the write cycle. The...

· 54HC02M/B2AJC

Vendor:MOTOROLA   Package Cooled:LLCC   D/C:03+04+   

· 57C256F-55EC

Vendor:WSI   Package Cooled:CWDIP24   D/C:8737   

· 54242-811-XX-2100

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 52609-1671

· 593D225X9025B2T

· 5962-9221403MRA

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:DIP   D/C:DIP   

Description: The 5962-9221403MRA is a PWM/PFM non−synchronous step−down (Buck) DC−DC converter for usage in systems supplied from 1−cell Li−ion, or 2 or more cells Alkaline/NiCd/NiMH batteries. It can operate in Constant−Frequency PWM mode or PWM/PFM mode in which t...

Applications: The addition of positive feedback (< 10 mV) is also recommended. It is good design practice to ground all unused pins. Differential input voltages may be larger than supply voltage without damaging the comparators inputs. Voltages more negative than C0.3 V should not be used.

Features: The 5962-9221403MRA uses Commands to initiate the memory operation functions. The Commands are written to the device by asserting WE# Low while keeping CE# Low. The address bus is latched on the falling edge of WE# or CE#, whichever occurs last. The data bus is latched on the rising edge of W...

· 54F402DMQB

· 526891097

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:06+   

· 50G7143PQ

· 5HN01C-T1B/YC

Description: Specifically designed for Automotive applications, this HEXFET® Power MOSFET utilizes the latest processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. Additional features of this design are a 150C junction operating tempera- ture, fast switching speed and impr...

Applications: A photo of the 12x19mm pressure-sensing module (Figure 5) illustrates the MCM technology: a monolithic flow sensor module, wire-bonded to the ceramic carrier, connects to the two sensor-signal processors (MAX1458s), which are also wire-bonded and mounted as dice. Figure 6 illustrates a micro...

Features: No external capacitors (919 only) Excellent signal quality Very low jitter Precise frequencies Minimal undershoot, ringback or overshoot Nearly perfect 50% duty cycle Four selectable clock frequencies Operates at Vcc = 3.3V Output may be disabled to save power Small 150-mil wide SOIC -8...

· 5962-9220304MRA

· 5962-8980101CA

Description: The memory cell outputs Q and Q use ground and VCC levels and provide continuous, direct control. The addi- tional capacitive load together with the absence of address decoding and sense amplifiers provide high stability to the cell. Due to the structure of the configuration memory cells,...

Applications: These high intensity blue and green LEDs are based on InGaN material technology. InGaN is the most efficient and cost effective material for LEDs in the blue and green region of the spectrum. The 472 nm typical dominant wavelength for blue and 526 nm typical dominant wavelength fo...

Features: Widebus  Family State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT) Design for 3.3-V Operation and Low Static-Power Dissipation Support Mixed-Mode Signal Operation (5-V Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC ) Support Unregulated Battery Operation Down to 2.7 V Typical VOLP (Outp...

· 5050403100

Vendor:VOGT   Package Cooled:03+   D/C:280   

· 5962-8760701GX

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:NA/   D/C:09+   

Description: Socket 370 for Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tualatin 800MHz~1.2GHz CPU Supports 66/100/133MHz FSB Two DIMM sockets with a max. capacity of 512MB Intel 82815/82801BA system chipset Winbond W83627 super I/O chipset Intel 82815 CRT display controller Intel 82559 and 82562 10/100 Based LAN

Applications: The Intersil 5962-8760701GX device is a low ON-resistance, low voltage, bidirectional, dual single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) analog switch designed to operate from a single +1.65V to +3.6V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from low RON (0.25Ω) a...

Features: The 5962-8760701GX occupies 16 I/O locations and no memory space except for PCMCIA attribute memory space. The same I/O space is used for both ISA and PCMCIA operations.The 5962-8760701GX can directly interface the ISA and PCMCIA buses and deliver no wait state operation. Its shared memory i...

· 57C291C-35TMB

Description: s Standard asynchronous error and framing bits (Start, Stop, and Parity Overrun Break) s Transmit, Receive, Line Status, and Data Set interrupts independently controlled s Fully programmable character formatting: x 5, 6, 7, or 8-bit characters x Even, Odd, or No-Parity formats x 1, 11&...

Applications: This parameter has to be as low as possible in order to reduce switching ON losses in the diode. The peak forward voltage depends mainly on the dIF/dt. (VFP increases with dIF/dt). For this application the dIF/dt is typically equal to 60A/µs. Fig.2 shows the current and voltage ac...

Features: Make connection to B side with pink wire for Light ON Make connection to v side with pink wire for Dark ON Note: When switching a power source, make ground connection to the frame ground termi- nal or to the ground terminal. This will assure more stable operation.

· 5962-8102303CA

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:765   

· 54LS139(WP-98090L3

Vendor:MOT   Package Cooled:DIP/16   D/C:97+   

Description: The HYM72V32636B(L)T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of eight 32Mx8bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs in 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package on a 168pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. One 0.22uF and one 0.0022uF decoupling...

Applications: Offered in 64Mx8bit the K9F1208X0B is 512M bit with spare 16M bit capacity. The device is offered in 1.8V, 2.7V, 3.3V Vcc. Its NAND cell provides the most cost-effective solutIon for the solid state mass storage market. A program operation can be performed in typical 200µs on the 528-byt...

Features: A rising edge on PWM initiates the turn-off of the lower MOSFET (see Timing Diagram). After a short propagation delay [tPDLL], the lower gate begins to fall. Typical fall times [tFL] are provided in the Electrical Specifications section. Adaptive shoot-through circuitry monitors the LGATE v...

· 551AM

· 54550271

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 5P03H

Description: Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load on any output, and ambient temperature range TA = 0C to 70C. Parameters denoted with an asterisk ( * ) represent nominal characterization data and are not production tested to any specific limits. Where given, MIN and MAX characterization data a...

Applications: An analog multiplexer allows the selection be- tween two input ports which can be used to select an attenuated(0, 10dB for ex.) version of the sig- nal in case of short loop or large echo. The sig- nal is amplified by a low noise gain stage (0- 31dB) then low-pass filtered to avoid anti...

Features: Fabricated in ADIs high speed XFCB process, the 5P03H has high bandwidth that provides high frequency performance and low distortion. The quiescent current of the 5P03H is 28 mA typically. The 5P03H amplifier comes in a compact 10-lead MSOP package and will operate over the temperature ra...

· 5962-887020/RA

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:N/A   

· 5962-8961406MXA

Description: Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/crystal input pin. Reset Pin. Crystal output pin. For testing only. Negative digital power supply. Positive analog power supply. Negative analog power supply. Constant current output / Push Pull voice output. Push Pull voice output.

Applications: The device integrates complete interfaces to mono microphones. External component requirements are drastically reduced as no separate microphone amplifiers are required. Advanced on-chip digital signal processing performs graphic equaliser and automatic level control for the microphone or lin...

Features: Start Condition All commands are preceeded by the start condition, which is a HIGH to LOW transition of SDA when SCL is HIGH. The 5962-8961406MXA continuously monitors the SDA and SCL lines for the start condition and will not respond to any command until this condition is met.

· 53927-5010

Vendor:Molex   Package Cooled:CONNECTOR   D/C:05+   

· 5962-7802302M2A

Description: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Conditions are conditions under which the device functions but the specification might not be guaranteed. For guaranteed specifications and test conditions see the Electrical Characteristics. The Maxi...

Applications: RST C Input. The RST input pin contains a Schmitt voltage input to recognize external active high Reset inputs. The pin also employs an internal pullCdown resistor to allow for a combination of wired OR external Reset sources. An RC is not required for powerCup, as the 5962-7802302M2A provid...

Features: The 5962-7802302M2A, 213 are high performance power GaAs MESFET chips having a gate length of 0.25 µm and a total gate periphery of 400 µm. These devices have excellent gain and power performance through 26 GHz, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial and militar...

· 54HC320/BCA

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:800   

· 5962-9559701MPA

Description: The Advance Information designation indicates that Spansion LLC is developing one or more spe- cific products, but has not committed any design to production. Information presented in a doc- ument with this designation is likely to change, and in some cases, development on the product may di...

Applications: The 5962-9559701MPA is a 4.5 mm (type-1/4) interline transfer CCD (IT-CCD) solid state image sensor device. This device uses photodiodes in the optoelectric con- version section and CCDs for signal readout. The elec- tronic shutter function has made an exposure time of 1/10 000 seconds...

Features: The 5962-9559701MPA provides Chip-Erase feature, which allows the entire memory array to be erased to logic 1 state. The Chip-Erase operation is initiated by executing a six-byte command sequence with Chip-Erase command (10H) at address 5555H in the last byte sequence. The Erase operation be...

· 5082-2835T50

Description: The parts (D) and (E) of figure 3 relate to the Trisil behaviour. In this case the device fires when the voltage across it reaches the breakdown voltage VBO and remains in the on-state until the current falls under the holding value IH. The current flows through the Trisil during all ...

Applications: Information furnished by MEMSIC is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by MEMSIC for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under ...

Features: The 5082-2835T500C67x DSPs (including the 5082-2835T50, 5082-2835T50B, 5082-2835T50C, 5082-2835T50D devices†) compose the floating-point DSP family in the 5082-2835T50 DSP platform. The C6711, C6711B, C6711C, and C6711D devices are based on the high-performance, advanced...

· 5159009486354111

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 5962-86880001QA

· 5962-8866102LA

· 592D686X9010R2WK130

Vendor:SPRAGUE   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 5962-9088001MEA

· 595D105X9020T2T

Description: Status Freescale Semiconductor accelerometers include fault detection circuitry and a fault latch. The Status pin is an out- put from the fault latch, ORd with self--test, and is set high whenever the following event occurs: • Parity of the EPROM bits becomes odd in number. The fa...

Applications: Read/Write Anti-collision ID Transponder in Plastic Package Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission Inductive Coupled Power Supply at 125 kHz Basic Component: R/W IDIC e5551 Anti-collision Mode by Password Request C E.g. 10 Transponders Read Out in < 500 ms (RF/32, Maxblock 2) ...

Features: The CD54AC161/3A and CD54ACT161/3A are synchronous presettable binary counters that utilize the Harris Advanced CMOS Logic technology. The CD54AC161/3A and CD54ACT161/3A are asynchronously reset. Counting and parallel presetting are both accomplished synchronously with the negative-to-po...

· 5G32

Description: Low Supply Current: 1.5µA Max Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Low Offset Voltage: 375µV Max Wide Supply Range: 2.2V to 36V Single Supply Input Range: C 0.3V to 36V Low Input Bias Current: 250pA Low Input Offset Current: 20pA High AVOL: 100V/mV Minimum Driving 100kΩ Load Out...

Applications: Notes regarding these materials 1. These materials are intended as a reference to assist our customers in the selection of the Renesas Technology Corporation product best suited to the customer's application; they do not convey any license under any intellectual property rights, or any o...

Features: Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

· 5962-87654

Vendor:IDT   Package Cooled:PLCC52   D/C:06+   

· 56C1125-580-A

Vendor:PHI   Package Cooled:DIP   D/C:05+   

· 597D476X9035R2T

· 57102-G08-21ULF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 5962-7802004M2A

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:(LX)high-frequency   D/C:N/A   

Description: The internal feedback voltage dividers central tap is connected to the non-inverting input of the error ampli- fier. The error amplifier compares non-inverting input with the 1.25V bandgap reference. If the feedback voltage is higher than 1.25V, the error amplifiers out- put becomes higher so...

Applications: The WP#/ACC pin provides access to two func- tions. The Write Protect function provides a hard- ware method of protecting certain boot sectors without using a high voltage. The Accelerate func- tion speeds up programming operations, and is intended primarily to allow faster manufacturin...

Features: A master shutdown input reduces quiescent current to <2µA and quickly discharges each output for rapid turn off of the LCD panel. The 5962-7802004M2A is offered in a low profile (0.8mm max), 3mm 3mm 16-pin QFN package, mini- mizing the solution profile and footprint.

· 5962-9218601VSA

· 5KP43CA-E3/54

· 53101-1S2

Description: The VRE304 is recommended for use as a reference for 14, 16, or 18 bit D/A converters which require an external precision reference. The device is also ideal for calibrating scale factor on high resolution A/D converters. The VRE304 offers superior performance over monolithic references.

Applications: Determination of DC Input Voltage. The minimum value of dc input voltage is 8 V when the output is less than 5 V, VO + 3 V when the output voltage is more than 5 V. The recommended maximum value is 50 V when the output value is more than 2.5 V, derated linearly to 30 V when the output is ...

Features: The 53101-1S2 is a complete, low power CCD Image Digitizer for digital motion and still cameras. The product includes a high bandwidth differential Corre- lated Double Sampler (CDS), 10-bit Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) with pixel rate gain switching, 12- bit Analog-to-Digital Conve...

· 5962-9758301Q2ASNJ54F153FK

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:LCC20   D/C:0218+   

· 54242-809-XX-1600

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 51C/XBIS

· 593D476X0010C8T

· 50012-1063JLF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 50084-8060

Vendor:Molex   Package Cooled:connector   D/C:06+   

· 500848060

· 5962-9201201MLA

· 5962R9575601VXC

· 54HC109/BCA

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:800   

· 5962-9314002HPA

· 5962-8100618EA

· 5181-5733

· 53611-S20-8

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 525593290

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:L/T 1 DAY   D/C:2007+   

· 52559-3290

· 593D156X9020B8W

· 5962-8958305YA

· 57AD6KJ

Description: Two modes of operation are provided. In Low-Power mode, total power dissipation is only 13.5mW per channel with a maximum data rate of 2.5kSPS. The High-Speed mode supports data rates up to 3.125kSPS with a corresponding dissipation of 18mW per channel.

Applications: 2 inputs selectable for fan speed or voltage monitoring 8-bit DAC output for controlling fan speed Chassis Intrusion Detector input WATCHDOG comparison of all monitored values SMBus or I2C Serial Bus interface compatibility VID0-VID4 or IRQ0-IRQ4 monitoring inputs On chip temperature ...

Features: The 57AD6KJ has a typical optical sensitivity of -38dBm (0.9A/W), which exceeds the Class-C PON require- ments. Typical overload is 0dBm. The 57AD6KJ is avail- able in die form with both output polarities (57AD6KJE/D and 57AD6KJBE/D.) The 57AD6KJ is also available in a 12-pin, 3mm x 3mm thin ...

· 5767149-5

· 5962-9583501Q2A

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:0340+   D/C:LCC   

· 5-316289-0

Vendor:AMP   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 52746-0871

· 57C49-25DMB/883

Vendor:WSI   Package Cooled:99+00+   D/C:3520   

· 5621M

Vendor:MOT   Package Cooled:n/a   D/C:94   

· 52011-0910

Description: The operational overview diagram in Figure 2 illustrates the operation of the bq2050. The bq2050 accumulates a measure of charge and discharge currents, as well as an estimation of self-discharge. Charge and discharge cur- rents are temperature and rate compensated, whereas self-discharge is ...

Applications: NOTES: (1) All values referred to VIHMIN and VILMAX levels. (2) For bus line loads CB between 100pF and 400pF the timing parameters must be linearly interpolated. (3) A device must internally provide a data hold time to bridge the undefined part between VIH and VIL of the falling edge of th...

Features: The 52011-0910 Power Module, shown in figure 1, is a chip and wire epoxy encapsulated module. It houses input rectifiers, output inverter, current sense shunts and NTC thermistor. The 3-phase input bridge rectifiers are rated at 800V. The inverter section employs 600V, short circuit rate...

· 5962-9216701MXA

Vendor:NSC   Package Cooled:TO-3   D/C:95+   

· 5977CQS

Vendor:ON   Package Cooled:DIP8   D/C:ON   

Description: Note: There is no external connection for voltage feedback. Voltage sensing is provided internally in such a way that VCC not loaded until it reaches predefined threshold. If secondary control is required, it can be forced into the CMPA pin.

Applications: Some data sheets will contain a combination of products with different designations (Advance Infor- mation, Preliminary, or Full Production). This type of document will distinguish these products and their designations wherever necessary, typically on the first page, the ordering information ...

Features: The host sends this command when it detects an error in any transmission from the HT82K628A. It is sent only af- ter a data transmission and before the host allows the next data output. When a Resend is received, the HT82K628A sends the previous output again (unless the previous output was Re...

· 55359-5027

· 54LS260/BEBJC

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:800   

· 5962-9951001QSA

· 564-0200-111F

Vendor:DIALIGHT   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

Applications: The AHC138 decoders/demultiplexers are designed for high-performance memory-decoding and data-routing applications that require very shortpropagation-delaytimes.In high-performance memory systems, these decoders can be used to minimize the effects of system decoding. When employed with...

Features: The 564-0200-111F is a low-power, single channel, 12-bit buffered voltage output DAC. Its on-chip precision output amplifier allows rail-to-rail output swing to be achieved. The 564-0200-111F utilizes an I2C compatible two wire serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 3.4 Mbp...

· 593D475X9020A2

· 5962-7802005VEA

Description: FEATURES • 3750 Vrms or 5300 Vrms I/O isolation • Current-limit protection built-in • Linear ac/dc operation • High-reliability monolithic receptor • Extremely low leakage current (pA) • High contact off-impedance (GW) • Low power consumption (1 mW1...

Applications: Operation at 500kHz allows the use of small magnetics and output capacitors. A SYNC input is featured to ease synchronization to an external clock. The EV kit provides cycle-by-cycle current-limit protection. Additional steady- state fault protection is provided by the integrating fault prote...

Features: NOTES: 1. Inputs are capable of translating the following interface standards: Single-ended 3.3V and 2.5V LVTTL levels Differential HSTL and eHSTL levels Differential LVEPECL (2.5V) and LVPECL (3.3V) levels Differential LVDS levels Differential CML levels 2. Because the gate control...

· 55AO7A

Vendor:SC   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:05+   

Description: The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 64Mbytes memory. The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are fully synchronous operation referenced to the positive edge of the clock . All inputs and outputs are synchronized with th...

Applications: The SN74GTL16923 is an 18-bit registered bus transceiver that provides LVTTL-to-GTL/GTL+ and GTL/GTL+-to-LVTTL signal-level translation. This device is partitioned as two 9-bit transceivers with individual output-enable controls and contains D-type flip-flops for temporary storage of d...

· 5962-9062009MXA

Vendor:CYPRESS   Package Cooled:LCC52   D/C:97+   

· 57C45-35DMB/883

Vendor:WSI   Package Cooled:99+00+   D/C:3520   

· 54AC273LMQB/C5962-8775601

Vendor:NS   Package Cooled:LLCC   D/C:2005+   

· 54HC242/BCBJC

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:800   

· 5-212514-1

· 53047-0610

Vendor:Molex   Package Cooled:connector   D/C:06+   

Description: • HFBR-5701L: Dual specified 1.25 GBd Ethernet (1000BASE-SX) and 1.0625 GBd Fibre Channel (100-M5- SN-I, 100-M6-SN-I) SFP • HFBR-5720L: 2.125 GBd Fibre Channel (200-M5-SN-I, 200-M6-SN-I) Multi-Mode SFP • HFBR-5730L: 1.0625 GBd Fibre Channel (100-M5-SN-I, 100-M6-SN-I...

Applications: The change in output voltage due to a specified change in load current. It includes the effects of self-heating. Load regulation is expressed in either microvolts per milliampere, parts-per- million per milliampere, or ohms of dc output resistance.

Features: The 53047-0610SPS includes the above basic function circuits. In addition to these basic functions, the H Series incorporates thermal shut-down protection (TSD) and overvoltage protection (OVP) functions, for configuration of switching power supplies that meet the demand for high safety levels.

· 530470610

Description: present on D is shifted to the first register position, and all the data in the register is shifted one position to the right on the LOW-to-HIGH transition of CP. A HIGH on MR clears the register and forces O0 to O3 to LOW, independent of CP and D. Schmitt-trigger action in the clock inp...

Applications: NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specificati...

Features: Request to send A/B (active low). To indicate that the transmitter has data ready to send. Writing a 1 in the modem control register (MCR bit-1 ) will set this pin to a low state. After the reset this pin will be set to high. Note that this pin does not have any effect on the transmit or ...

· 54111-111-XX-2450

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 51722-10901600AA

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 54HC11

Description: The HF80 die type has been found to have all pins able to withstand a transient pulse of 200V, per Mil-Std- 883 Method 3015 (reference attached ESD Test Circuit). Latch-Up testing has shown that this device withstands a current of 250mA and/or 20V.

Applications: This processor integrates two important peripherals: a timer unit and an interrupt controller. These and other hardware resources are programmed through memory-mapped control registers, an extension to the familiar 80960 architecture.

Features: Even though this device is primarily targeted for the cost sensitive unmanaged market, very low cost management can also be provided utilizing the proprietary MIB Autocast™ function. MIB Autocast encapsulates the on-chip MIB statistics and sends

· 5A6C

· 55RP2502EMB

Description: VBIAS (VCC, VBS 1,2,3) = 15V unless otherwise specified. The VIN, VTH and IIN parameters are referenced to VSS and are applicable to all six channels (HS1,2,3 and LS1,2,3). The VO and IO parameters are referenced to COM and VS1,2,3 and are applicable to the respective output leads: HO1,2,3 ...

Applications: VIN = 3.4V VIN = 3.4V or VIN = GND, OE = GND, fI = 10Mhz, outputs open, one bit toggling - 50% duty cycle VIN = 5.3V or VIN = 0.2V,OE = GND, fI = 10Mhz, outputs open, one bit toggling - 50% duty cycle Outputs Open,OE = GND, One Bit Toggling, 50% Duty Cycle

Features: True Dual-Port memory cells which allow simultaneous access of the same memory location High-speed access C Commercial: 10/12/15ns (max.) C Industrial: 12/15ns (max.) Dual chip enables allow for depth expansion without external logic IDT70V657 easily expands data bus width to 72 bits or mo...

· 54AC08LMQB/C5962-87615012A

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