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· 63AF

· 630V/224K

· 6450520-9

· 6HPA3267208

Vendor:STM   Package Cooled:SOP-28   D/C:04+   

Description: Sck C The standard product is delivered with an internal clock option (800kHz). This pin should be grounded when operating with the internal clock. An external clock option can be special ordered from the factory allowing the user to input a clock signal between 400kHz And 1.6MHz

Applications: The Logic Diagram and Truth Table indicate the functional characteristics of the LS195A 4-Bit Shift Register. The device is useful in a wide variety of shifting, counting and storage applications. It performs serial, parallel, serial to parallel, or parallel to serial data transfers at v...

Features: † These characteristics are guaranteed by either production test or design. ‡ Pin 1 is the Vcc pin for the 1st stage bias current. In some applications e.g. if the power supply is noisy, it may be advantageous to add further supply decoupling to this pin (i.e. an additional R, C...

· 6AV3637-1LL00-0FX1

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:OP37 STN-Farbe mit Floppy-Disk   D/C:07+   

· 67-21UYC/D/A

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 6MBP50RA(RS)120

Description: The S2/SUSPEND input can be configured to shut down a customizable set of outputs and/or PLLs, when LOW. All PLLs and any of the outputs can be shut off in nearly any combi- nation. The only limitation is that if a PLL is shut off, all outputs derived from it must also be shut off. Suspending ...

Applications: The LPS (link power status) terminal works with the S5_LKON terminal to manage the power usage in the node. The LPS signal from the LLC is used in conjunction with the LCtrl bit (see Table 2 and Table 3 in the APPLICATION INFORMATION section) to indicate the active/power status of the LLC. ...

Features: HDPlus devices are an advanced HDTMOS™ series of power MOSFET which utilize ONs latest MOSFET technology process to achieve the lowest possible onCresistance per silicon area while incorporating smart features. They are capable of withstanding high energy in the avalanche and commut...

· 6RA2375-6DS21-0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 6ME1000WX

· 68046-346

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 685230053

Description: Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over full junction temperature range (-40 to 105 C ). Ambient temperature must be derated based on power dissipation and package thermal characteristics. The conditions are: VCC = 15 V RT = 10 kΩ, and CT = 3.3 nF, unless otherwise, stated. To ...

Applications: OPEN DRAIN SERIAL DATABUS OUTPUT (SDA) Output Low Voltage, VOL High Level Output Leakage Current, IOH SERIAL BUS DIGITAL INPUTS (SCL, SDA) Input High Voltage, VIH Input Low Voltage, VIL Hysteresis DIGITAL INPUT LOGIC LEVELS (ADD, CI, FAN 0 to 7, GPIO 0 to 16)7, 8 Input High Volta...

Features: IC ground Enable/disable Control input (duty cycle) Duty cycle reduction Attenuation Oscillator Not connected Not connected Status short circuit latch Not connected Short circuit protection delay Current sensing Voltage doubler Output Not connected Supply voltage VS


Description: These miniature surface mount MOSFETs utilize Motorolas High Cell Density, HDTMOS process. Low rDS(on) assures minimal power loss and conserves energy, making this device ideal for use in small power management circuitry. Typical applications are dc−dc converters, power management ...

Applications: NOTES: 1. For propagation delays with loads other than 50 pF, see Chapter 2 of the Motorola HighCSpeed CMOS Data Book (DL129/D). 2. Information on typical parametric values can be found in Chapter 2 of the Motorola HighCSpeed CMOS Data Book (DL129/D).

Features: S1M8656A/8657 are CDMA/AMPS Dual Mode IF/ baseband IC which is divided into three main parts - IF frequency processing, baseband processing , and digital interface. The receiver IC (S1M8656A) and transmitter IC (6CDKEXT) are provided as a KIT. S1M8656A is a receiver IC, installed with a Rx AGC...

· 60619-4

Description: The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be twice the required processor operating frequency due to the internal divide-by-two counter This counter is used to drive all internal phase clocks and the exter- nal CLKOUT signal CLKOUT is a 50% duty cycle processor clock and can be used to ...

Applications: For split supply operation, this pin serves as circuit ground. For single supply operation, pin 10 should be AC grounded through a 1 µF bypass capacitor. During split supply operation, a ground current of 2 IT flows out of this terminal, where IT is the total timing current.

Features: The device is manufactured using Atmels high-density CMOS technology. By combin- ing the ARM7TDMI processor core with a large on-chip high-speed SRAM and a wide range of peripheral functions on a monolithic chip, the 60619-4 is a powerful microcontroller that offers a flexible and high-perf...

· 61082-081400LF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 694-3-R5KB

Vendor:B1.   Package Cooled:PDIP-8   D/C:97   

Description: Current Limit Protection Isolation Test Voltage 5300 VRMS Typical RON 28 Ω Load Voltage 350 V Load Current 120 mA High Surge Capability Linear, AC/DC Operation Clean Bounce Free Switching Low Power Consumption High Reliability Monolithic Receptor

Applications: The 694-3-R5KB has a user selectable full scale of 2g, 6g and it is capable of measuring accelerations over a maximum bandwidth of 4.0 KHz for the X and Y axis and 2.5KHz for the Z axis. The device band- width may be reduced by using external capacitanc- es. A self-test capability allow...

Features: PCI_STOP# is an asynchronous input to the 694-3-R5KB. It is used to turn off the PCICLK (0:5) clocks for low power operation. PCI_STOP# is synchronized by the 694-3-R5KB internally. PCICLK (0:5) clocks are stopped in a low state and started with a full high pulse width guaranteed. PCICLK (0:5)...

· 68D1-24S12RNL

· 6SL3000-0BE34-4AA0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 646568-1

· 6SU5066-2AN00

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 69254-001LF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

Description: The HY29F400 can be programmed and erased in-system with a single 5-volt VCC supply. Inter- nally generated and regulated voltages are pro- vided for program and erase operations, so that the device does not require a high voltage power supply to perform those functions. The device can ...

Applications: • Dual voltage monitoring V2Mon operates independent of VCC • Watchdog timer with selectable timeout intervals • Low VCC detection and reset assertion Four standard reset threshold voltages User programmable VTRIP threshold Reset signal valid to VCC=1V • Low pow...

Features: Description The 69254-001LFAKE is an interline CCD solid-state image sensor suitable for PAL small color cameras. High resolution is achieved through the use of Ye, Cy, Mg, and G complementary color mosaic filters. This chip features a field period readout system and an electronic sh...

· 66901-01

· 60181014

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 6134552-1

Vendor:F   Package Cooled:SOP16   D/C:84/87   

· 6SN2483-2CF00-0GG2

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 6435XSTREV01

· 69802-484LF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 6DI100A

Vendor:MODULE   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:08+   

Description: The 512K EPROM and OTP PROM are programmed using the TI SNAP! Pulse programming algorithm illustrated by the flowchart in Figure 1, which programs in a nominal time of seven seconds. Actual programming time varies as a function of the programmer used.

Applications: The 56F801 incorporates an 8 input, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). A full set of standard programmable peripherals is provided that include a Serial Communications Interface (SCI), a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and two Quad Timers. Any of these interfaces can be used as Gene...

Features: The 6DI100A is a small (MSOP-8), low-power, unity- gain difference amplifier consisting of a CMOS op amp and a precision resistor network. The on-chip resistors are laser trimmed for accurate gain and high common-mode rejection. Excellent TCR tracking of the resistor maintains gain accur...

· 67-21SOC/A3/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 62X300HABBOX

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 63CPQ100PBF

Description: This signal is asserted to indicate either 0 or a maximum of 4 morebytes are present in the tristate receive FIFO. The indication of the receive FIFO level is programmable, as is the polarity of this signal. Signal is updated on the rising edge of RFCLK. The RCA signal is tristated in UTOPI...

Applications: Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the life of a device may be impaired. Note 2: The 63CPQ100PBFEFE is guaranteed to meet performance specifications from 0C to 125C junction temperature. Specifications over the C40C to 125C operating junction temperature range are...

Features: In addition, the input active horizontal and vertical starting and ending positions can be detected to ensure that the whole picture fits into the displayable region of the screen. Through an I2C interface, the 63CPQ100PBF is fully programmable to support various graphic resolutions.

· 695D336X9010F2T

· 68C681N

Description: VCMP=VRef-0.1V,vTXIn=0V VCMP=VRef+0.1V,vRXIn=0V VtxDetIn=VRef+0.1V VRxIn=VRef-0.1V VCMP=VRef-0.1V VRxDetIn=VRef+0.1V VTxDetIn=VRef+0.1V VRxDetIn=VRef-0.1V VTxDetIn=VRef-0.1V VCMP=VRef-0.1V VTxDetIn=VRef+0.1V VCMP=VRef+0.1V VTxDetIn=VRef-0.1V VCMP=VRef+0.1V

Applications: HY57V281620E(L)T(P) is offering fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive edge of the clock. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth. All input and output voltage levels a...

Features: The 68C681N is a synchronous-pipelined Burst SRAM designed specifically to eliminate wait states during Write/Read transitions. All synchronous inputs pass through input registers controlled by the rising edge of the clock. The clock signal is qualified with the Clock Enable input signal (CEN...

· 6-219889-6

· 62X250HEBBOX

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 65801-059LF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 640170979

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:QFN9   D/C:07+   

· 6700VNF010GTAEL-H121F

· 65630AY-M68

Vendor:LUCENT   Package Cooled:PLCC   D/C:1998+   

Description: VDD (Pin 2): Gate Drive Supply Pin. This is the supply pin for the gate drive amplifier. It is either generated by the onboard boost regulator or supplied externally. When turning on the MOSFET(s), a large high current pulse flows through this pin. Bypass the pin with a 1µF capacitor p...

Applications: The CNY64/ CNY65/ CNY66 consist of a phototrans- istor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared- emitting diode in a 4-pin plastic package. The single components are mounted opposite one another, providing a distance between input and out- put for highest safety requirements of ...

Features: These devices feature maximum RAS access times of 60 ns, 70 ns, and 80 ns. Maximum power dissipation is as low as 770 mW operating and 11 mW standby on 80-ns devices. All inputs and outputs, including clocks, are compatible with Series 74 TTL. All addresses and data-in lines are latched on c...

· 6113

Description: The device can readily control keys over graphical LCD panels or LEDs when used with clear, conductive ITO electrodes. It does not require 'chip on glass' or other exotic fabrication techniques, thus allowing the OEM to source the keymatrix from multiple vendors.

Applications: NOTE 1. ICC1, ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 dependent on output loading and cycle rates(tRC and tHPC). 2. Specified values are obtained with outputs unloaded. 3. ICC is specified as an average current. In ICC1, ICC3, ICC6, address can be changed only once while /RAS=VIL. In ICC4, address can be chan...

Features: pins 4 & 6 connected See application schematic See application schematic Over Vin range Surface temperature of module pins or case Per Bellcore TR-332 50% stress, Ta =40C, ground benign Per Mil-Std-883D, method 2002.3, 1ms, half-sine, mounted to a fixture Mil-Std-883D, Method 200...

· 66.087M

Vendor:KDS   Package Cooled:5×7   D/C:SMD 4P   

· 610S

· 6135569-9IBM

Vendor:MMI   Package Cooled:SOP20   D/C:8519+   

· 6SN1123-1AA00-0HA1

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 64F3397F17

· 6SC8350-0AA0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 6.663000438E013

· 65495-022

Description: The UC62LV0256 is a high performance, very low power CMOS Static Random Access Memory organized as 32,768 words by 8 bits and operates from a wide range of 2.0V to 3.6V supply voltage. Advanced CMOS technology and circuit techniques provide both high speed and low power features with a typi...

Applications: The 65495-022 device provides an integrated power management solution for the add- on multimedia features in new-generation mobile phones. These features include a camera module, sound system for polyphonic ringing tones, memory module for downloaded MP3 files, Bluetooth module for cordless...

Features: The 65495-022 is a high-speed 16K x 16 bit synchronous Dual-Port RAM. The memory array utilizes Dual-Port memory cells to allow simultaneous access of any address from both ports. Registers on control, data, and address in-puts provide minimal setup and hold times. The timing latitude provid...

· 67-21UYOC/A7/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 62100-2602

· 65656GC-059

· 6RA2487-4GS22-0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 69D-24S15RNL

· 6SL3710-1GH28-5AA0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 6600333-4

· 67-22SURSYGC/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 6450570-6

· 6052DR

· 6ES7321-1FH00-0AA0

· 6MBP150RSM120

· 6RY1702-0BA07

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 650T

Vendor:MOT   Package Cooled:SIP3   D/C:07+   

Description: HIGH ENDURANCE: C 100,000 Erase/WRITE Cycles of Flash Memory C 10,000 Erase/WRITE Cycles of EEPROM C 1,000 Erase/WRITE Cycles of PLD C Data Retention: 15-year minimum at 90C (for Main Flash, Boot, PLD and Configuration bits). SINGLE SUPPLY VOLTAGE: C 5V10% for 5V STANDBY CURRENT...

Applications: The 650T and 650T high-speed, voltage-feed- back, CMOS operational amplifiers are designed for 16-bit resolution systems. The 650T and 650T are unity-gain stable and feature excellent settling and harmonic distortion specifications. Low power applica- tions benefit from low quiescent cu...

Features: The 650T combines 4096 bits of EEPROM, a 16-byte control page, two general-purpose PIO pins, seven external address pins, and a fully featured 1-Wire interface in a single chip. PIO outputs are configured as open- drain and provide an on-resistance of 100W max. A robust PIO channel-access com...

· 619N3

Description: If the user wants to program the board with a file that is not the currently opened version, they can do so using the Candy Board Setup option. Under the Options menu, select Candy Board Setup. This will bring up the Candy Board Setup window. Select CY22393 under Candy Board List. By cli...

Applications: The standby function is provided by the STBY* control, pin 2. If pin 2 is left open-circuit the regulator operates normally, and provides a regulated output when a valid supply voltage is applied to Vin (pins 4C6) with respect to GND (pins 8C12). If a low voltage 3 is then applied to pi...

Features: The 619N3 features a serial interface and software protocol allowing operation on a popular two wire bus. The bus signals are a clock Input (SCL) and a bidirec- tional data input and output (SDA). Access to the device is controlled through a chip select (CS) input, allowing any number o...

· 67665-0013

Vendor:Molex   Package Cooled:connector   D/C:06+   

· 68685-432

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 672V01-503

Description: This is an analog control input that enables the output voltage to follow an external voltage. This pin becomes active typically 20 ms after the input voltage has been applied, and allows direct control of the output voltage from 0 V up to the nominal set-point voltage. Within this range, t...

Applications: RevisedSeptember 1, 2004 Preliminary - Filled out Package type(54ball FBGA 6.0mm x 8.0mm) - Changed Hi-Z parameters(tCHZ, tOHZ, tBHZ, tWZ) from Max.7ns into Max.12ns and changed tHZ from Max.10ns into Max.12ns - Updated "Fig.17 TIMING WAVEFORM OF WRITE CYCLE(1)" in page 23 - Add...

Features: Read Access Password, Addresses 7FC0h to 7FC7h The Read Access Password provides access to the function Read Memory. No password applies when reading from or writing to the scratchpad. If passwords are enabled (EPW = AAh, see Password Control Register), the 64-bit data pattern that the 1-Wir...

· 66P6382

Description: • Solid-state potentiometer • 3-wire serial interface • 100 wiper tap points Wiper position stored in nonvolatile memory and recalled on power-up • 99 resistive elements Temperature compensated End to end resistance, 20% Terminal voltages, 5V • Low pow...

Applications: This device is designed with discrete diodes for complete isolation. Each diode can be individually tested according to the electrical characteristics. For transient voltage protection, two diodes are configured in series with the anode of one connect to the cathode of the other diode (See ...

Features: Fairchilds SyncFET process embeds a Schottky diode in parallel with PowerTrench MOSFET. This diode exhibits similar characteristics to a discrete external Schottky diode in parallel with a MOSFET. Figure 12 shows the reverse recovery characteristic of the 66P6382.

· 67-21RC/D/TR8

Vendor:.   Package Cooled:.   D/C:07+   

· 6155

· 6C1-0.5W6V

Vendor:HIT   Package Cooled:DO-35   D/C:07+   

Description: Fixed Closed-Loop Gain Amplifier C 10 V/V (20 dB) Wide Bandwidth: 1.8 GHz High Slew Rate: 5500 V/µs Low Total Input Referred Noise: 2.5 nV/Hz Low Distortion C HD2: C65 dBc at 70 MHz C HD3: C76 dBc at 70 MHz C IMD3: C85 dBc at 100 MHz C OIP3: 34 dBm at 100 MHz C IMD3: C70 dBc at 300...

Applications: Interrupt A, B (three state) - This function is associated with individual channel interrupts, INT A-B. INT A-B are enabled when MCR bit-3 is set to a logic 1, interrupts are enabled in the interrupt enable register (IER), and when an interrupt condition exists. Interrupt conditions inclu...

Features: Other features of the 6C1-0.5W6V include the ability to operate with very small output capacitors. The regulators are stable with only 1µF on the output while most older devices require between 10µF and 100µF for stability. Small ceramic capacitors can be used without the nec...

· 68015-123HLF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 6MBP35RZ-060

· 6MBI25LS060

Vendor:FUJI   Package Cooled:Module   D/C:N/A   

Description: connected from Drain to Source internally. This diode helps to control inductive kick-back when a winding is de- energized. Optional resistors (50-100Ω) are shown in the circuit to dampen resonances due to wiring inductance and gate capacitance. They should be used if the transisto...

Applications: The TMS320VC5402 fixed-point, digital signal processor (DSP) (hereafter referred to as the 5402 unless otherwise specified) is based on an advanced modified Harvard architecture that has one program memory bus and three data memory buses. This processor provides an arithmetic logic unit (AL...

Features: DESCRIPTION The 6MBI25LS060 is a radiation hardened, ultra low dropout linear regulator designed specifically for space applications. This product has been characterized to a total ionizing dose of 1M Rad (Si) per MIL-STD-883, Method 1019, Condition A at both high and low dose rates under bi...

· 6.8UH

Description: In the external drive mode the interdigit blanking time will be the sum of the negative dwell period of the external oscillator and the normal self oscillate blanking time. (310 µs). Dis- play brightness can be controlled by the duty cycle of the external scan oscillator.

Applications: Choose among the following memory organizations: IDT72V2101  262,144 x 9 IDT72V2111  524,288 x 9 Pin-compatible with the IDT72V261/72V271 and the IDT72V281/ 72V291 SuperSync FIFOs 10ns read/write cycle time (6.5ns access time) Fixed, low first word data latency time 5V input...

Features: The bandwidth of KESRX05 is set by the external ceramic filter CF1. Impedance matching from the output of the ceramic filter to the input of the log amplifier is achieved by an external shunt resistor R9 in parallel with an internal resistor.


Vendor:/   Package Cooled:/   D/C:/   

· 6000796

Vendor:ZILOG   Package Cooled:PLCC44   D/C:00+   

Description: The VP5313/VP5513 converts digital Y Cr Cb data into analog PAL or NTSC composite video, and also provides simultaneous RGB outputs. These additional converters can optionally provide separate luma and chroma outputs plus a further composite video channel. All outputs are capable of dri...

Applications: The Atmel cell libraries and megacell compilers have been designed in order to be compatible with each other. Simulation representations exist for three types of operat- ing conditions; they correspond to three characterization conditions defined as follows:

Features: READ CLOCK (RCLK) Data can be read on the outputs on the LOW-to-HIGH transition of the Read Clock (RCLK). The Empty Flag (EF)is synchronized with respect to the LOW- to-HIGH transition of the Read Clock (RCLK). The Write and Read clocks can be asynchronous or coincident.

· 687830018

· 6RA2475-6DV62-0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   

· 6700NFNS11DTAEU-H021P

· 63446-001TRLF

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:750PCS/REEL   D/C:05+ROHS   

· 6SN2155-2BD11-1BA1

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:09+   


· 643329XL78F

Description: The HMS81004E/08E/16E/24E/32E is an advanced CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 4/8/16/24/32K bytes of ROM. The device is one of GMS800 family. The HYNIX HMS81004E/08E/16E/24E/32E is a powerful microcontroller which provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution to many UR applications.T...

Applications: (1) Dolby Available only to licensees of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, San Francisco, CA94111, USA, from whom licensing and application information must be obtained. Dolby is a registered trade-mark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Features: The high efficiency of the HPR2XX Series means less internal power dissipation than comparable solutions. With reduced heat to dissipate, the HPR2XX Series can operate at higher temperatures with no degradation in reliablility. In addition, the high efficiency of the HPR2XX Series provide...

· 60231400

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· 60E1332/7

Vendor:FAIRCHILD   Package Cooled:SOP-14   D/C:05+   

· 6605CB

Vendor:IC   Package Cooled:SOP   D/C:0544+   

· 60QN50F29090

Vendor:Plastronics   Package Cooled:60   D/C:08+   

· 6DI30Z120

Vendor:MODULE   Package Cooled:MODULE   D/C:08+   

· 6DI30Z-120

Description: Typicals represent average readings at 25C and VDD = 5 V. Resistor position nonlinearity error R-INL is the deviation from an ideal value measured between the maximum resistance and the minimum resistance wiper positions. R-DNL measures the relative step change from ideal between successi...

Applications: completion of update Separate battery pin 2 4V operation that includes an internal UL protection resistor 2 mA maximum power consumption during power down Double-buffer time registers An Advanced Power supply Control (APC) that controls the main power supply to the system using op...

Features: SO8, SOT223 and TO92 packages Power on reset generator Automatic reset generation Low standby current Guaranteed operation from 1 volt Wide supply voltage range Internal clamp diode to discharge delay capacitor 2.68 volt threshold for 3 volt logic 60mV hysteresis prevents erratic operation

· 65LVDS051

Vendor:TI   Package Cooled:TSOP16   D/C:01+   

· 640250-4

Vendor:AMP   Package Cooled:connector   D/C:06+   

Description: Screen tested 100% on each device at -55C, +25C & +125C temperature, subgroups A1, 2, 3, 7 & 8. Screen tested 100% on each device at +25C temperature only, subgroup A9. Sample tested (Method 5005, Table 1) on each MFG. lot at +25C, +125C & -55C temperature, subgroups A1, 2, 3, 7...

Applications: The Micron® Imaging 640250-4 VGA-based CMOS active-pixel sensor has a 1/2-inch optical format and delivers superb resolution at a turbocharged 200 fps, making it the perfect solution for machine vision assembly lines, airbag deployment, golf swing analysis, and special effects in mov...

Features: The device is available in a fixed output voltage of 5V and as an adjustable device with a 1.275V reference voltage. The 640250-4 regulator is available in the 8-lead MSOP package with an exposed pad for enhanced thermal han- dling capability.

· 674002904

· 61LV256-12T

· 6R6D30A-050BHX

Description: Since this issue does not affect operation if the DLL is not enabled, customers are recommended to ensure their system does not enable the products DLL. The DLL is enabled anytime the P value in control register #4 (pertaining to clock generation) is NOT set equal to 8. The DLL is used whene...

Applications: DESCRIPTION The M74HC4514 is an high speed CMOS 4 LINE TO 16 LINE SEGMENT DECODER WITH LATCHED INPUTS fabricated with silicon gate C2MOS technology. A binary code stored in the four input latches (A to D) provides a high level at the selected one of sixteen outputs excluding the other...

Features: The device can accommodate astigmatic, single foucault and double foucault detectors and can be used with P-type lasers with N-sub or P-sub monitor diodes. After an initial adjustment, the circuit will maintain control over the laser diode current. With an on-chip reference voltage gener...

· 61083-142002

· 6MBI150U2S-120A-50

· 60888-2

· 6.8VSOD-80

Vendor:WEJ   Package Cooled:05+   D/C:LL34   

· 6338KUB

Vendor:MAXIM   Package Cooled:TSSOP10   D/C:02+   

· 67576-0001

· 6AR1302-0AD00-0AA0

Vendor:SIEMENS   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:08+   

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