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· YAV28-L60

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· Y2993

· YHN-550

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YCA28-2N

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YD01CIC005261

· Y39BH

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YM7109-D

Description: Superior performance in design critical specifications such as common-mode rejection, offset voltage, nonlinearity, and operating temperature make the HCPL-7850/7851 an excellent choice for designing reliable products such as motor controllers and inverters.

Applications: Composite type composed of two low ON-resistance N-channel MOSFET chips for ultrahigh-speed switching and low-voltage drive. Facilitates high-density mounting. The FX607 is formed with two chips, each being equivalent to the 2SK2260, placed in one package. Matched pair characteristi...

Features: Reference Voltage Resistor: Resistor to VDD provides a reference voltage drop. A voltage drop across the external MOSFET that is greater than the voltage drop across the reference resistor indicates an overcurrent condition. (Refer to applications section) Zero temperature coefficient resis...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· Y08Z-242A

· YAE14N52

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YAZ26TC12

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YN0660N5

Description: The LH543601 has two 36-bit ports, Port A and Port B. Each port has its own port-synchronous clock, but the two ports may operate asynchronously relative to each other. Data flow is initiated at a port by the rising edge of the appropriate clock; it is gated by the corresponding edge- s...

Applications: • Timer • Lowpass filter eliminating noise below the clock setting • Capable of pulse width measurement according to fine settings using seven types of clock signals • Event count function based on pin input • Interval timer function using seven different c...

Features: The YN0660N5 is designed to support HMM (Hidden Markov Modeling) as well as Neural Network technologies provided in Sensory Speech™ 7 firmware, to perform speaker independent (SI) speech recognition. Speaker independent recognition requires on-chip or off-chip ROM to store the words to ...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YMV769-QZ

· YAES14K-11

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· Y08UZ-800

· YC124-J-R071K

Vendor:YAGEO   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:2009+   

· YC124-JR-071K

· YE2G332MAA


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YTF633

Vendor:TOS   Package Cooled:03+   D/C:N/A   

Description: Serial Data (SDA). SDA is a bidirectional pin used to transfer data into and out of the device. It has an open drain output and may be wire ORed with other open drain or open collector outputs. The input buffer is always active (not gated). An open drain output requires the use of a pull-up...

Applications: The YTF633 is a monolithic high efficiency power amplifier for AMPS/CDMA dual mode applications in the 824 to 849 MHz frequency band. Performance parameters may be slightly adjusted by tweaking off-chip matching components. The amplifier circuit design is a single ended configuration that uti...

Features: The Hynix YTF633 Series are 32Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of eighteen 32Mx4bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs in 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package on a 200pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. One 0.22uF and one 0.0022uF decoupli...

· YMU757B-Q(9)

Vendor:YAMAHA   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:20-QFN   

Applications: Note 1) All voltage are relative to VSS =0V reference. Note 2) The LSI must be used inside of the Absolute maximum ratings. Otherwise, a stress may cause permanent damage to the LSI. Note 3) De-coupling capacitors for VDD(Pin 1)-VSS(Pin 14), VDDO(Pin 7)-VSS(Pin 5) and VDDO(Pin 8)-VSS(Pin ...

Features: The AS4C1M16F5 features high speed page mode operation where read and write operations within a single row (or page) can be executed at very high speed (15 ns from XCAS)by toggling column addresses within that row. Row and column addresses are alternately latched into input buffers using the...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YA2C2NTC38

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YOU41R

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YAZ32TC38

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YAZ27-2TC38

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YDS224(2A24V)

· Y0001

Description: I Embedded 16 bit CompactRISCTM Micro Controller. (CR16B) with programmable clock speeds. I 384 kbyte Flash. I ACCESSBUSTM or MICROWIRETM interfaces I 6 kilobyte on-chip Data Memory. I One full duplex ADPCM transcoder. I On-chip 14-bit linear CODEC. I 14 upto 44 dB gain differenti...

Applications: Filtering Motorola accelerometers contain an onboard 2--pole switched capacitor filter. Because the filter is realized using switched capacitor techniques, there is no requirement for external passive components (resistors and capacitors) to set the cut--off frequency.

Features: This family of three terminal regulators is easy to use and has all the protection features that are expected in high performance voltage regulators. They are short circuit protected, have safe area protection as well as thermal shutdown to turn off the regulator should the temperature e...

· YTD427-F

Description: Other features of this controller include: Built-in synchronized slope compensation, proprietary internal compensation for constant output power limit over universal AC input range. Also, the gate output is clamped at 18V to protect the external MOSFET from over-voltage damage.

Applications: The YTD427-FM provides up to sixteen general-purpose I/O pins, which are programmable as either inputs or outputs. Eight of these pins are dedicated-general purpose Programmable Flag pins. The other eight of them are multifunctional pins, acting as general-purpose I/O pins when the DSP co...

Features: Asynchronous active-low LVTTL power-down signal shuts down oscillator and PLL, puts all clocks in low state. Complete clock cycles on all outputs will occur before shut down begins. One of two 3.3V buffered copies of the crystal reference frequency clock One of two latched inputs that select ...

· YD2000A

Vendor:AD   Package Cooled:8PIN-CDIP   D/C:96   

Description: Notes regarding these materials 1. These materials are intended as a reference to assist our customers in the selection of the Renesas Technology Corp. product best suited to the customer's application; they do not convey any license under any intellectual property rights, or any other righ...

Applications: The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Std 1149.1-1990 4-wire test bus and boundary-scan architecture and the relationship among the test bus, the TAP controller, and the test registers. As shown, the device contains an 8-bit instruction register and four test-data registers: a 48-bit ...

Features: The YD2000A resides in a lithium battery pack where the battery cell continuously powers it. This circuit senses cell voltage, charge current, and discharge current, and correspondingly controls the state of two, N−channel MOSFET switches. These switches reside in series with the ne...

· YRB34U29TW

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YFWI1008-100J/1008-100J

Description: System-Level Features: - High-capacity pre-engineered configuration solution for FPGAs - Chipset configuration solution: ACE™ Controller C Configuration manager ACE Flash C High-capacity CompactFlash™ storage device - Non-volatile system solution - Flexible configurat...

Applications: • Dual 14-bit, 1GSa/s Digital to Analog conversion • Exceptional dynamic performance • 74dBc ACLR for 4 UMTS carriers @ 276MHz direct-IF • 100MHz image-free generated bandwidth capability • supports UMTS plus digital pre-distortion bandwidth • Propri...

Features: • YFWI1008-100J/1008-100J is a high-speed CMOS device with CMOS input switching levels and buffered CMOS outputs that can drive 24 mA of I OH and IOL current. Industry standard YFWI1008-100J/1008-100J nomenclature and pinouts are used. • YFWI1008-100J/1008-100JT is a high-speed CM...

· Y111

· YA342NU

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YC164-JR-0710KL

· YC164JR-0710KL

· YMU757B-QZE2

Vendor:YAMAHA   Package Cooled:YAMAHA   D/C:04+   

Description: Designed for WLL/MMDS/BWA or UMTS driver applications with frequencies from 1.8 to 3.6 GHz. Device is unmatched and is suitable for use in Class AB linear base station applications. • Typical W - CDMA Performance: - 42 dBc ACPR, 3.55 GHz, 12 Volts, IDQ = 80 mA, 5 MHz Offset/3.84 MH...

Applications: NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after thermal equilibrium has been established when mounted in a test socket or printed circuit board with maintained transverse airflow greater than 500 lfpm. Electrical parameters are guaranteed only over the declared operating temperature range...

Features: Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual stress limit values (not normal operating conditions) and are not valid simultaneously. If these limits are exceeded, device functional operation is not implied, damage...

· YM3302

Description: Output Capacitors (Optional) For applications with load transients (sudden changes in load current), regulator response will benefit from an external output capacitance. The recommended output capacitance of 100 µF will allow the module to meet its transient response specification ...

Applications: entered by either software (D3 hot) or by physically removing power (D3 cold). Hot and cold refer to the presence or absence of VCC, respectively. The ISP2100A supports power states D0, D3 hot, and D3 cold. The ISP2100A onboard DMA controller consists of three independent DMA channels ...

Features: The YM3302 is a high-current, fast-response regulator which can maintain output voltage regulation with minimum input to output voltage drop. Fabricated on a CMOS process, the device operates from two input voltages: Vbias provides voltage to drive the gate of the N-MOS power transistor, ...

· YP-301

Description: • C40C to +85C operation • 16 to 40 VDC input (19 to 40 VDC input for 15 volt output models) • Fully Isolated • Optocoupler feedback • 600 kHz typical operating frequency • Topology C Single Ended Forward • 50 V for up to 50 ms transient prot...

Applications: The device is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC single-power-supply Flash standard. Commands are written to the command register using standard microprocessor write timings. Regis- ter contents serve as input to an internal state-ma- chine that controls the erase and programm...

Features: (1) ∗ indicates specification is the same as Low-Power Mode. (2) Exceeding maximum input current specification may damage device. (3) Input is less than 1% of full scale. (4) CSENSOR is the capacitance seen at the YP-301 inputs from wiring, photodiode, etc. (5) FSR is Full-Scale Ran...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YT-81070-SJ

Vendor:JAE   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:07+   

· YTS43R

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YH-214A

· YMF715-S

Vendor:YAMAHA   Package Cooled:TQFP   D/C:6   

Applications: As soon as the first word has rippled to the output, the data- out ready output (DOR) goes HIGH and data of the first word is available on the outputs. Data of other words can be removed by a negative-going transition on the shift-out input (SO). This negative-going transition...

Features: Multi-Function Output Channel B. This output pin can function as the OP2B#, BAUD- OUTB#, or RXRDYB# pin. One of these output signal functions can be selected by the user programmable bits 1-2 of the Alternate Function Register (AFR). These sig- nal functions are described as follows:

· YCA34-2N

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YM64A21

Description: The difference between TPS6202x and TPS62021 is the logic level of the MODE pin. The TPS62021 has an active-low MODE pin. The TPS6202x is forced into fixed-frequency PWM mode by pulling the MODE pin high. Pulling the MODE pin low enables the Power Save Mode, operating in PFM mode (Pulse fre...

Applications: The YM64A21 accepts (750 mV) differential input signals and translates them to CMOS output levels. With the companion line driver (YM64A21ECL_TX ) it can be used for high speed applications. The cell YM64A21 requires the YM64A21ERXBIAS cell for biasing. YM64A21ERXBIAS can drive up to 3 YM64A2...

Features: The YM64A21 provides a universal interface to allow a glueless connection to most commonly available graphics controllers. Some of the advantages of this universal interface include selectable bus widths, adjustable signal levels, and differential and single-ended clocking. The adjustable 1...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YMU757-A

Applications: Note 2. Regulation is measured at constant junction temperature, using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. Changes in output voltage due to heating effects are covered under the specification for thermal regulation. Note 3. These parameters, although guaranteed, are not tested in productio...

Features: The YMU757-A single-chip 8-bit microcontroller is fabricated using a highly advanced CMOS process. Its fast and reliable CPU is based on Zilog's Super8® architecture. With two 8-bit and two 16-bit timer/counters, a large number of general I/O pins, full-duplex serial port, and 16-bit bac...

· YS1505

Description: † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. E...

Applications: 1. ICC is dependent on output loading when the device output is selected. Specified ICC (max.) is measured with the output open. 2. ICC is dependent upon the number of address transitions specified ICC (max) is measured with a maximum of one transition per address cycle in random READ/WRITE a...

Features: The limiter serves as a zero crossing detector, thus removing amplitude variations in the IF signal, while retaining only the phase variations. It consists of two amplifier stages. The first is a non-inverting one which needs an external capacitor to provide correct dc


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YAES14N54F

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· Y6721-A03

Vendor:NEC   Package Cooled:QFP   D/C:2000+   

Description: ispVHDL™ Systems VHDL/Verilog-HDL/Schematic Design Options Functional/Timing/VHDL Simulation Options ispDS™ Software Lattice HDL or Boolean Logic Entry Functional Simulator and Waveform Viewer ispDS+™ HDL Synthesis-Optimized Logic Fitter Supports Leading Third-Party D...

Applications: The Y6721-A03 also includes: a Loss of Lock (LOL) indicator, a reference mux state acknowledge pin (REF_ACK), a Narrow Bandwidth control input pin (NBW pin), and a Power-on Initialization (INIT) input (which overrides NBW=0 to facilitate acquisition of phase lock).

Features: This device has a maximum recommended operating junction temperature of 85_C. This temperature limit is used for electrical specifications such as logic transition voltages only and is not a reliability limit. The device can be used with junction temperatures up to 150_C if relaxed specificatio...

· Y6721A03

Vendor:RICOH   Package Cooled:20000   D/C:01+   

· YMW266-F

Vendor:QFP   Package Cooled:YAMAHA   D/C:95+   

Description: The SP8480 Series are complete monolithic data acquisition systems, featuring 8-channel multiplexer, internal reference and 12-bit sampling A/D converter in 28Cpin plastic DIP or SOIC packages. Linearity errors of 0.5 and 1.0 LSB, and Differential Non-linearity to 12-bits are guaranteed, wit...

Applications: The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC power modules are especially designed for decentralized 24/28 Vdc system distributed onboard DC/DC coverters. By using a thickfilm thecknology, which provides a high degree of intergration as well as efficient thermal management, and by utilizing a...

Features: The YMW266-F is a high sensitive and low dark current 480−elements color linear image sensor which includes CCD drive circuit, clamp circuit and sample & hold circuit. The CCD drive circuit consists of the pulse generator. therefore it is possible to easy drive by applying simple ...

· YBA44A

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· Y506

· YS1C-T

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YC164-JR-07330R

Description: The noise of Q1A and Q1B would normally be quite signifi- cant about 6 nV 0Hz but the 10 mF capacitors completely filter out the noise At all frequencies above 10 Hz Q2A and Q2B act as the input transistors while Q1A and Q1B merely buffer the lowest frequency and DC signals For audio freq...

Applications: Feedback input. When ADJ is grounded, the device enters fixed voltage mode. When ADJ is con- nected to an external resistor network, the device operates as an adjustable regulator. The Adjust pin can also be tied directly to the OUT pin which configures the CM3004 as a 1.2V regulator.

Features: Notes: 1. The anode side of the device is denoted by a hole in the lead frame. Electrical insulation between the case and the board is requiredslug of device is not electrically neutral. Do not electrically connect either the anode or cathode to the slug. 2. Caution must be used in handlin...

· YC164-J-R07330R

Vendor:YAGEO   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:2009+   

· YCR2725

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YSES14-2

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YL-LPC2368

Vendor:YL   Package Cooled:ARM7 empolder board   D/C:08+   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YD2402

Vendor:YD   Package Cooled:DIP8   D/C:DIP8   

Description: Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolization, and PCB design guidelines are available at DBV/DCK: The actual top-side marking has one additional character that designates the assembly/test site. YEP/YZP: The actual top-side marking has t...

Applications: TheYD2402incorporatesahigh- performance 8051-based keyboard controller; a 512k byte Flash ROM interface; four PS/2 ports; a real-time clock; SMSC's true CMOS 765B floppy disk controller with advanced digital data separator and 16-byte data FIFO; an NS16C550A-compatibleUART,SMSCs advanced In...

Features: C Datasheet describes Mode 0 Operation 20 MHz Clock Rate Byte Mode and 256-byte Page Mode for Program Operations Sector Architecture: C Eight Sectors with 64K Bytes Each (4M) C 256 Pages per Sector Product Identification Mode Low-voltage Operation C 2.7 (VCC = 2.7V to 3.6V) Sector W...

· Y6578-A1599

· YA26L2NT14

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YA45

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YA33L

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YCN-324R330R


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YHD-10

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YS512A

Description: The standard MBM29DL16XTE/BE offer access times 70 ns, 90 ns and 120 ns, allowing operation of high-speed microprocessors without wait states. To eliminate bus contention the devices have separate chip enable (CE), write enable (WE), and output enable (OE) controls.

Applications: The YS512A uses maximum supply current of 10.0 mA per amplifier and runs on 2.5 V to 7.5 V power supply. The outputs of each amplifier swing to within one volt of either supply rail to easily accommodate video signals. The YS512A is unique among current feedback op amps by virtue of its ...

Features: The YS512A is a semiconductor integrated circuit built-in the PLL inter-carrier method VIF/SIF dedicated to NTSC. The circuit includes the VIF amplifier, image waveform detection, APC detection, IF/RF, AGC, VCO, AFT, LOCK DET, EQ, AF amplifier, limitter, FM waveform detector circuits, and a...

· YC122-F-R0722R

Vendor:YAGEO   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:2009+   

· YAG28L-TC12-LD

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YG806C2

Vendor:FUJI   Package Cooled:TO-220F   D/C:200V,20A,   

Description: Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. They are not meant to imply that the devices should be operated at these limits. The table of Electrical Characteristics specifies conditions of device operation.

Applications: Control of voltage and current slew rate is maintained via two feedback loops. One loop controls the output switch collector voltage dV/dt and the other loop controls the emitter current dI/dt. Output slew control is achieved by comparing the two currents generated by these slewing events to ...

Features: In the radio section of the handset, the TD-SCDMA radio section requires fast switching time, high dynamic range, and high linearity in both the transmitter and receiver sections. Maxim's chipset delivers the highest performance, the smallest implementation size, and the least expensive radi...

· YAZ25-2TC38-45

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YAZV102TC1490

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YMU759B(MA-2)/YMU759Q327

· YA2C

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YC124-J-R076K8

Vendor:YAGEO   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:2009+   

· YG962S6R

Description: You can determine the version of a data sheet by examining its literature number found on the bottom outside corner of any page. The last character of the literature number is the version number, (e.g., DS30000A is version A of document DS30000).

Applications: Floating Pin 4 divides the master oscillator by 10. Pin 4 should be tied to V+ for the 100 setting, the lowest frequency range. To detect a floating DIV pin, the LTC6900 attempts to pull the pin toward midsupply. Therefore, driving the DIV pin high requires sourcing approximately 2µA. L...

Features: The YG962S6R and YG962S6R have two internal 1.8V regulators used to provide the digital and analog 1.8V supplies. The output pins of the regulator have very specific capacitor requirements that are described below. It is important that the customer designs their product with the specifications...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YGIBS34-338-2N

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YDS251RP1

Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YDS1R505

Description: 90% Efficiency High Supply Capability to Deliver 3.3V 100mA with 1 Alkaline cell 17µA Quiescent (switch-off) Supply Current 450KHz Fixed Switching Frequency Zero Shutdown Mode Supply Current Providing Flexibility for Using Internal and External Power Switches 1.0V Low Start-up ...

Applications: DEVICE/PAGE ADDRESSES (A2, A1, A0): The A2, A1 and A0 pins are device address inputs that are hard wired for the AT24C01A and the AT24C02. As many as eight 1K/2K devices may be addressed on a single bus system (device addressing is discussed in detail under the Device Addressing section).

Features: Operating junction temperature affects device lifetime. The continuous operation junction temperature is recommended to be at max 110C. The device ac and dc parameters are specified up to 85C ambient temperature. See the PCB Layout Guidelines for CDCLVP110 application note, literature number...

· YDS-1R505

Vendor:YEC   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:N/A   

Description: 1. Super low consumption current 2. Super low consumption current (when off) 3. High precision output voltage 4. Input/output voltage difference 5. Good input stability 6. Built-in short-circuit restriction circuit 7. Wide operating temperature range 8. Output voltage

Applications: maintaining the circuit density and reliability. For transient radiation hardness and latchup immunity, UTMC builds all radiation-hardened products on epitaxial wafers using an advanced twin-tub CMOS process. In addition, UTMC pays special attention to power and ground distribution during...

Features: Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to 133MHz and offers fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of differential clock inputs. While all addresses and control inputs are latched on the rising edges of the clock, Data, Data stro...

· Y54906K

Vendor:SMD   Package Cooled:TI   D/C:04+   

Description: If the user wants to program the board with a file that is not the currently opened version, they can do so using the Candy Board Setup option. Under the Options menu, select Candy Board Setup. This will bring up the Candy Board Setup window. Select CY22393 under Candy Board List. By cli...

Applications: The ZN409CE incorporates a precision dual voltage source providing 1.5V for internal use and 2.2V for external circuit requirements. The input circuit is a Schmitt trigger allowing servo opera- tion independent of edge speed, as obtained from the re- ceiver-decoder. Output from the Sc...

Features: A complete audio amplifier module is available to quickly evaluate the Y54906K or Y54906K stereo controller. Simply connect the amplifier to the power source, audio signal, and speakers. Reference designs support a variety of requirements includingmultichannelsystems, subwoofers, sa...


Vendor:FCI   Package Cooled:08+   D/C:10000   

· YM7306C

Description: VREF (Voltage Reference Output): This pin provides an accurate 5V reference and is internally short circuit current limited. VREF powers the D/A converter and also provides a threshold voltage for the UVLO comparator. For best reference stability, bypass VREF directly to GND with a low E...

Applications: The YM7306C controller IC is specifically designed to meet Intel specification for Pentium II microprocessor appli- cations as well as the next generation of P6 family pro- cessors. The YM7306C provides a single chip controller IC for the Vcore, LDO controller for GTL+ and an internal ...

Features: The BYTE WRITEs and BYTE READs are determined by the use of ?C?A/S/L and ?C?A/S?H. Enabling ?C?A/S/L will select a lower BYTE access (DQ1-DQ8). Enabling ?C?A/S?H will select an upper BYTE access (DQ9-DQ16). Enabling both ?C?A/S/L and ?C?A/S?H selects a WORD WRITE cycle. The YM7306C may b...

· YM262

Description: 380-480V AC input, 50/60 Hz 3-phase rectifier bridge 3-phase, short circuit rated, ultrafast IGBT inverter HEXFRED ultrafast soft recovery-freewheeling diodes Brake IGBT and diode Low inductance (current sense) shunts in positive and negative DC rail NTC temperature sensor Pin-to-base...

Applications: Samsung Electronics' microcontroller business has been awarded full ISO-14001 certification (BVQ1 Certificate No. 9330). All semiconductor products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and objectives.

Features: SymbolConditions VIN ISS1 VIN-VOUT=1.0V VCE=VIN Istb VIN=6.0V, VCE=GND VOUT VIN-VOUT=1.0V IOUT=100mA IOUT1 VIN-VOUT=1.0V ∆VOUT/ VIN-VOUT=1.0V ∆IOUT 1mAIOUT300mA VDIF IOUT=300mA ∆VOUT/ IOUT=100mA ∆VIN VOUT+0.5VVIN8.0V RRf=1kHz,Ripple 0.5Vp-p ∆VOUT/...

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